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Sleeping on top of my cat

Recent posts by mrsticks

Recent posts by mrsticks

2008 Jul 3 at 16:08 PDT
God Damnit in General
Down Rodeo said:

Ummm STIs?

I Said touch, not stick your penis in.
2008 Jul 3 at 16:06 PDT
Get him out NOW! in General
So GZ is gone 4ever?

i call his account
2008 Jul 3 at 15:27 PDT
Thats why europe rocks so much.
2008 Jul 3 at 13:33 PDT
When i make maps, i only use Source SDK to load them.

This is Bought off of steam but it can come with the half-life 2
Pack which CSS comes with it.

Wait, i think im wrong. It comes with half-life: GOTY edition

If you dont have either, just go on steam and buy it.
2008 Jul 3 at 13:27 PDT
Sticks. in General
And internet porn was invented...When?
2008 Jul 3 at 13:24 PDT
Yoda says:

Get it, I do.
2008 Jul 3 at 13:23 PDT
Get him out NOW! in General
is Aaronjer the new superjer?

Where did superjer go?

Where did General_Zim go?!?!?!?
2008 Jul 3 at 13:20 PDT
this laptop is ten years old and i spent $20 on it.

$20 is a big commitment.
2008 Jul 3 at 13:19 PDT
uugh, advertising shouldnt be allowed here unless you pay superjer through paypal.
2008 Jul 3 at 13:14 PDT
Damn right.