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Together with batman on a secret mission.
No i don't want five eklanshizal's.

Recent posts by Maisbroodje

Recent posts by Maisbroodje

2005 Jul 19 at 23:45 UTC
Photo Contest! in General
2005 Jul 16 at 00:24 UTC
Here's my desk...

yes, i like chaos.
2005 Jul 3 at 23:51 UTC
"forum fight" in General
*Smoke-grenade-spam's you all*
2005 Jun 20 at 09:05 UTC
draw stuff. in General

I call it... 'dash'!
2005 Jun 20 at 09:03 UTC
"forum fight" in General
*pokes echidna*
2005 Jun 13 at 09:43 UTC
Omg... in General
"echidna3" said:
Maisbroodje you fucking moron. aaronjer is completely right, and also, it gives you brain damage and slows down the synapses in your brain. no wonder you are fucked in the head

2005 Jun 7 at 21:21 UTC
That's like the best story i've ever read.
2005 Jun 6 at 18:54 UTC
Omg... in General

Weed is not that bad... T.t

It only makes your mouth dry, and you're posting 'real-time-sick-footage' at forums like this.
All the crap about "forgetting too much, and that you can't concentrate" must be forgotten... ^^
I only smoke weed in the weekends... just in the pub or something (everyone does it there, so it doesn't matter).

So, may i please welcome everyone to Holland! *music playing*
2005 May 23 at 13:12 UTC
Omg... in General
"echidna3" said:
Maisbroodje is a sick fuck road kill piece of shit. why do you even look for that shit

Well it all began 2 weeks ago... when me and my mates are having a beer at the pub.
When the pub was closing, we decided to hang out at my m8's place...
Then all upon sudden, some sick minded fool shows me that shit.
Then somehow, i thought that it would be funny to post it here...
Srry but, "weed" is legal here in 'Holland/Netherlands'... and i wasn't really thinking straight as you may guess.

I apologise for that.
2005 May 22 at 14:05 UTC
Super in General
"jacksmoke234" said:
What do you know about modding for the HL1 mod? If you know anything? Me and my friends want to make a SC mod sorta thing.

Like... you mean with 'Zergling-skins' ans shit? ...cuz that would be awesome!