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2014 Apr 23 at 06:21 PDT
button inside the elevator? in Hammer Mapping
whoa. 3 years?!
2014 Apr 23 at 06:13 PDT
Hi, it's been a long time since I was last came on this forum.
I want to ask you guys about aiscripted_sequence, can someone tell me detailed how to use this entity?
Thank you.
2013 Jul 28 at 00:46 PDT
Can I choose which skin on cycler_sprite's properties???
Thank you.
2013 Mar 14 at 06:44 PDT
decals and shit in Hammer Mapping
Outcast said:
SuperJer said:
In game or in Hammer? And what game?

In hammer they look normal but when i run the map they're invisible,talkin about cs.I did thin brushes instead :/

Also another question - how do i put sounds and shit?I tried tha ambient generic thing but shit doesn't work even if i choose the sound i want

and what does env_sound do?i see it only has 2 options

Invisible? did you change the brush into entity? try to check the FX Amount. it is 0 or 255. 0= invisible - 255= visible.

For ambient or sound, use ambient_generic and env_sound.
It didn't work if you fill the sound path wrongly.
Fill the sound with the name of the sound in the "sound" folder, example: "ambient.wav" or if the sound in the other folder in "sound" folder, fill the path. example: "radio/radio1.wav"

Hope it helps.
Correct me if I wrong Mr. Admin.
2013 Mar 14 at 04:44 PDT
light? for the entire map???
2013 Mar 14 at 03:06 PDT
How to make fade in effect screen on player spawn? (Black, then fade out and see normally)
Not the light effect.

Thank you.
2012 Mar 5 at 04:44 PST
Raising water on VHE? in Hammer Mapping
can we make a raising water?
like the water level goes up and/or down.

it is possible?
2012 Jan 13 at 07:05 PST
how to make sky for our own. like rat_ map.
there is converter or we can make it ourself with photoshop or any program?
2012 Jan 4 at 23:28 PST
how to make costum textures saved at the bsp file.
so if we share the bsp, it doesnt need the *.wad file.
2011 Dec 29 at 20:26 PST
button inside the elevator? in Hammer Mapping
superjer said:
You can trigger things when the elevator reaches certain points. It's called "Fire on pass"

oh. thanks. so whats the entity that I need?