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Recent posts by leif

2010 Oct 4 at 09:21 PDT
Sound and trigger_multiple in Hammer Mapping
It's not a big map so it wont be a problem
2010 Oct 3 at 18:11 PDT
Sound and trigger_multiple in Hammer Mapping
In my map I comes a sound when a player picks up a kevlar, and it is only one on the map. The thing is that can I somehow prevent the sound from comming if the player allready have a kevlar from one of the last rounds? Or strip him from the kevlar the player allready have so the player can get a new one?

How can I get trigger_multiple only work once everyone round and reset itself the next round?
2010 Oct 3 at 08:51 PDT
Thank you very much for the usful information.
Anyone else know the solution to the problem?
2010 Oct 2 at 22:49 PDT
How do I get the spectator cameras to work?

How can 16+ player spawn from 10 player_start/deathmatch?
I saw on de_nuke and there it was only 10 player on each team. So how can 16+ players spawn out of 10? And how many player_start/deathmatch should I have on each team?
2010 Oct 2 at 19:42 PDT
Sound in Hammer Mapping
I found it out by myself and thanks for the help
2010 Oct 2 at 19:08 PDT
Sound in Hammer Mapping
Ye thats excatly what I ment, do you know how to do it?
2010 Oct 2 at 17:09 PDT
Sound in Hammer Mapping
I want to add some custom sounds to my map.

How do I make a sound play every time I open a door?
I have like 4 doors, but I'll use the same sound for every door, but I want the sound to come from the door, like the noisy door on de_nuke.

I have one Armor on my map and I want to play a sound from that place when the player picks the armor up. It is just one armor there so I want the sound only to come once when a player takes the armor. So the sound is not playing more that round if a player walks over the spot and someone else have allready taken the armor.

2010 Aug 31 at 05:06 PDT
Spray logo problem in Hammer Mapping
You need to right click the file > Properties and make it Read-Only
2010 Aug 31 at 04:02 PDT
Camera wont work in Hammer Mapping
It have worked before but not after I installed Windws 7. I'll try to uppdate my grahpic card driver if I can find it.

And the worst part with installing Windows 7 is that I did forget to take backup of my map that I've been working on every now and then for almost a year

edit: I'll upload a picture when I get home.
2010 Aug 30 at 04:23 PDT
Camera wont work in Hammer Mapping
The camera on the editor wont work.
It's just completly dark, cant see any of the blocks I've made.
I can click in the camera screen to target things but I still cant see them.

I use
Windows 7 64 bit
Valvle Hammer 3.4