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2008 Mar 3 • 29
I want to add some custom sounds to my map.

How do I make a sound play every time I open a door?
I have like 4 doors, but I'll use the same sound for every door, but I want the sound to come from the door, like the noisy door on de_nuke.

I have one Armor on my map and I want to play a sound from that place when the player picks the armor up. It is just one armor there so I want the sound only to come once when a player takes the armor. So the sound is not playing more that round if a player walks over the spot and someone else have allready taken the armor.

2010 Oct 2 at 17:09 PDT
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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You can choose the door sound in one of the func_door settings... or you could make the door trigger the sound.
I don't think you can make it so that it plays a sound whenever somebody picks up the armour, but you could try to put some trigger_multiples over the armour that reset everytime the round starts.
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2010 Oct 2 at 18:27 PDT
2008 Mar 3 • 29
Ye thats excatly what I ment, do you know how to do it?
2010 Oct 2 at 19:08 PDT
2008 Mar 3 • 29
I found it out by myself and thanks for the help
2010 Oct 2 at 19:42 PDT
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