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im ur connsence

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Recent posts by koolkid

2009 Jan 7 at 15:04 PST
Bump 'n' Flump in General
molkman said:
The clarinet is an awesome instrument, by the way.

clarinet sucks
2009 Jan 7 at 15:03 PST
theme song in General
superjer.com needs a theme song
2009 Jan 6 at 15:32 PST
when u hear thunder its just CHUCK NORRIS clapping his hands.
if u dont put all caps in CHUCK NORRIS' name u die instantly.
when u ask CHUCK NORRIS 4 somthing he shoves it down u neck and takes it
back a few days later.
when u say CHUCK NORRIS CHUCK NORRIS hears u.
CHUCK NORRIS created the universe.
CHUCK NORRIS is both ur dad and ur dad.
if u see CHUCK NORRIS ur eyes melt
if he says somthing ur ears explode.
sun is just CHUCKS NORRIS' gas.
if u just say CHUCK, CHUCK NORRIS will kill u.
CHUCK NORRIS isn't made of atoms, hes made out of pure muscle.
CHUCK NORRIS doesn't open doors they open 4 him.
if CHUCK NORRIS sees u looking at him, he uses the force to choke u.
2009 Jan 6 at 14:47 PST
who do u think is going to the super bowl
i think eagles and chargers
2008 Dec 26 at 20:13 PST
u can see the girls nipple on pic 5 rite breast
2008 Dec 24 at 19:07 PST
aaronjer in General
Clone Trooper said:
koolkid said:
suck my balls

<Insert stupid insult here>

<Least original comeback>
2008 Dec 24 at 19:06 PST
how naked
2008 Dec 24 at 14:38 PST
havokk can i join ur club
2008 Dec 24 at 13:22 PST
Benefit1970 said:
With everything that's happened in the world, wouldn't you entertain the possibility that that the egg is, in fact, the chicken, and the chicken is the egg.??!?!?!


Did I just blow your mind?

Or just your load?


p.s. please don't tell me if you blew your load. that's gross. and dont ask why 'load' is white.

2008 Dec 24 at 12:58 PST
how do u not know the dif