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Recent posts by jacksmoke234

Recent posts by jacksmoke234

2008 Sep 25 at 00:18 UTC
I hate you all in General
2008 Jul 15 at 01:30 UTC
I have no name :( in Hammer Mapping
It's going to be very hard finding the RMF files of those maps.

Your only hope is to use BSPTwoMap (google it) and convert the .BSP file to a .MAP file and open it that way.

Warning: This probably won't work too well.
2008 Jul 10 at 00:53 UTC
God Damnit in General
I'll post as much as I want.

I was the post whore after all..
2008 Jul 7 at 16:29 UTC
Making Machine Gun in Hammer Mapping
2008 Jul 7 at 16:28 UTC
error on the end! in Hammer Mapping
What's the error that you get when the map won't load?
2008 Jul 6 at 17:05 UTC
Making Machine Gun in Hammer Mapping
I don't think it is possible to do a double barrel machine gun, sorry.
2008 Jul 6 at 17:04 UTC
That means you have a leak and it is either your info_player_deathmatch that is touching the black space outside the map, or a hole near the info_player_deathmatch that causes the map not to be airtight.

Look for holes around the info_player_deathmatch
2008 Jul 4 at 16:49 UTC
God Damnit in General

You bad bad boy.
2008 Jul 4 at 09:59 UTC
Another compilation error in Hammer Mapping
Arider, as Super said sometimes Hammer bugs out and will "explode" your map.

That's probably what happened and that's why you're seeing more objects than you created.

2008 Jul 4 at 09:57 UTC
Door are causing a problem in Hammer Mapping
Yes a normal door.

One that is on hinges...


I really wish I had Hammer so I could help you. Actually on second thought..

It's 5 in the morning, I just got home from work and I'm very tired. Ask again when I'm not tired..