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Recent posts by Hampie

Recent posts by Hampie

2005 Sep 26 at 14:13 PDT
Hey, Covernat, you stolez my sig! Or r u trying to help the bunny reach world domination (laughs maniacully) mmkay.
2005 Sep 25 at 17:05 PDT
I'm back (laughs maniacully). mmkay. Yeah, i'm back. I'm pretty sure nobody missess me, right?
2005 Sep 25 at 16:52 PDT
"jacksmoke234" said:
I think he needs the original CS sounds. Use GCFScape, you need Mircrosoft .NET Framework also....

GCFScape Link

Microsoft .NET Framework Link

I'm so helpful

Hello everybody! I'm Back! I missed this website so much. I was searching through here and downloaded the GCFscape thing. I can't get Counter Strike sounds!

Where do i get the sounds in the GCFScape thingy doodly do?
2005 Apr 18 at 14:46 PDT
Hampie in General
would you stop!? God. You are making me pay spades, when I don't know what they are and you are givin crap on other peoples hands for my posting. I'm pretty dang sure everybody else does it too, so get the he$$ off my back and stay off. Got it, jerk?
2005 Apr 18 at 14:42 PDT
thanks. Now, maybe I can make a better CS movie

(not copying Mcdiddy's at all)
2005 Apr 17 at 19:04 PDT
yeah, what super said. O, jacksmoke, did you start that gay firetruck about me just for asking super a question?
2005 Apr 17 at 19:03 PDT
yeah, super & monk are right. The army should not really be over there, but he still fcked up the U.S

Come on, 1st infantry! Take your M16 and scope off his head!
2005 Apr 17 at 14:53 PDT
sorry. Overreacting. My eye hurts like hell to. wish it wasn't wired shut.
Remember, aviod kids with hockey sticks.
2005 Apr 17 at 14:08 PDT
stfu. I can do wut ever I like. jacksmoke. God, u must have woke up on your mom. You acting to grumpy

so stfu
2005 Apr 17 at 14:06 PDT