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Recent posts by deanamx

2012 Jan 18 at 07:58 UTC
SRAW said:
In the sounds folder there is a File called materials, or something like that, so u need to set it to play your sound, but if u give some1 the map and they use it, they will just hear the generic footstep shit because they don't have it modified

and sorry for my bad spelling

Corrected, and thanks for giving advice.
2012 Jan 17 at 06:26 UTC
fedex _ said:
just apply your custom texture to the ground , then make the trigger when walked on to play your sound

does not that will result of MIXED SOUND? Dirt+Tile sound
2012 Jan 16 at 07:34 UTC
fedex _ said:
i believe there manually set the sound for you...

Like if you put snow texture you will get snow foot steps .

Dirt , you'll get dirt foot steps ..

so i think there no need to mess around with setting

How to set my texture like that?
2012 Jan 14 at 04:45 UTC
I realize that textures also affect the sound produced when a player steps on it. How to set it?
2011 Dec 31 at 06:29 UTC
eDan Co. said:
Q. How do I change weapons players get/buy?

Give weapons to players on start
Create one single game_player_equip for all players in the map. You can set what weapons will be given in the entity's properties, or even make the players spawn with sparks flying around!
Note the more than one weapon of each category can be given at once. e.g. A player can receive AWP, M4A1 and AK47 all at once!

I cant find game_player_equip. Where to find it?