Wad Files?

Wad Files?

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2007 Jan 9 • 31
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When i put my map in a lan game it works fin but if i put it on. My server it gives me the follow error and shutd down my counterstrike WARNING: Could not open artic.wad please help thanks :)
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2007 Jan 9 at 21:14 PST
2007 Jan 3 • 8
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well, do you have arctic.wad in your counter-strike\cstrike\ folder? i think it goes there, or if not then in your cstrike\maps\ folder, but i'm pretty sure it should be in cstrike. if not, then google it, download it, and put it in your cstrike folder.
2007 Jan 27 at 20:59 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6626
artic.wad must be in the .../Counter-Strike/cstrike/ folder.

You can also compile your wad files INTO your BSP file by changing your HLCSG line like this:

hlcsg -wadinclude artic mapname
hlcsg -nowadtextures mapname

And then no one will need artic.wad because it's INSIDE the BSP like some horrible parasite.
2007 Jan 28 at 12:35 PST
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