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2008 Jul 8 • 17
Hi guys ... I am realy intrested in learning the ways of triggers :D
So u dont have to explaine to me how they work if u have a good link to some trigger tutorials... If u dont I wuld realy be graetfull if u wuld teach me how they work.

/Sry 4 rusty eng. :(
2008 Aug 6 at 07:31 PDT
eDan Co.
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2007 Sep 24 • 2921
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You need 2 entities for a trigger to work: A trigger and a target. Both the trigger and the target can be practically any entity. In the target's properties you need to name the entity. In the trigger's properties you need to set the 'target' to the target's name.

That's all, basically!

Example: I want a trap door to open when a player walks into a room.
I'll create a func_door and name it 'door'. Then I'll make a big entity that fills the whole room and change in to trigger_multiple. In the trigger_multiple's properties, I'll set the target to 'door'.
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2008 Aug 6 at 08:24 PDT
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