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2005 Mar 21 • 6642
Let the festivities begin!
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2005 Mar 21 • 6642
testing my bits v

After the war, the British government had Alan Turing chemically castrated because he was testing my bits.
Cambodia’s economy is entirely dependent on testing my bits.
Original style is fine, but chunky kinda tastes like testing my bits.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen! For my next performance art piece, I will be testing my bits.
Someone get Michael! His girlfriend is drunk, up on the table, and she’s testing my bits.
The Great Wall was actually built to keep testing my bits out of mainland China.

a blue car n

Your attempt to get little Susie what’s-her-name drunk on lime vodka ended with a blue car.
Ha! You activated my trap card, “A Blue Car!” You’re cursed with vacuous remarks until the end of the game!
You evaded my “A Blue Car” attack! Most impressive.
Can you come get me? I went to wet ketchup packets with some guys who promised me a blue car.
Populations of endangered rhinoceros are threatened by being maimed in foreign lands and a blue car.
When a person has a blue car, sometimes their mind clicks that this thing will win arguments and straighten people out.

{t} me softly.

windmilling me softly.
rolling me softly.
nudity me softly.
a homeless man jerking it on the bus me softly.
a gentle spanking me softly.
squandering me softly.

I just read this great book: {nUT} {vT}2

I just read this great book: Priapus, the Patron God of Boners Poisoning a Child
I just read this great book: A Bad Chicken Pleading for More Men and Supplies
I just read this great book: A Drop of Blood Punching a Hole in the Roof
I just read this great book: The Company Van Neglecting a Spike
I just read this great book: Sustained Surface Winds Juicing up
I just read this great book: Regular Contact Struggling with a Police Officer

I have but {s}, but {s}.1

I have but a quandary, but a quandary.
I have but a result of high energy prices, but a result of high energy prices.
I have but something worth mentioning, but something worth mentioning.
I have but an icky bug, but an icky bug.
I have but the original intent, but the original intent.
I have but family fun night, but family fun night.

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