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2008 Jan 24 • 25
how can i make a teleporter? i did trigger_teleport already but how do i make a target?
2008 Feb 16 at 14:10 PST
2008 Jan 24 • 25
superjer any help? idk how to make it
2008 Feb 16 at 14:26 PST
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2008 Feb 16 at 21:13 PST

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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ahh im too lazy to write it down

but heres a site that explains it pretty good :

you just need to make the simple teleport from this tutorial

EDIT : aww more explaining my conscience won't let me not to,
trigger_teleport brush based entity ( make a brush and then Ctr+T to make it an entity and select trigger_teleport from the list)
info_teleport_destination point entity ( just select it from you entity list -no brushes involved ) if you don't have it in your list then download expert.fgd from superjer's tutorial page

and follow the tutorial to know what you have to do with it once you downloaded . this gives you aces to all the entities in valve hammer editor
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