Random textures in map.

Random textures in map.

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2006 Sep 11 • 115
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Hi. I have a weird question, sometimes on steam in-game I see advertisements on the walls. I think it should appear like brushes. but its nvm.
I wanted to know maybe anyone of you were heared about wad randomize. For ex. I have a wad file, and some textures in it. I want those textures appear in my map randomized.

I want my logo (from wad) change every time I load the map, or if possible every round.
I want to make a HL mod! Doing everythig with HL except coding C++ | its not interesting to work alone
2009 Jul 11 at 23:32 UTC

2005 Mar 21 • 6654
You can't do that with just wads.

And I think it can only be done between rounds, not when you load the map.

You'll need to use some logic entities, probably some trigger_changetargets and stuff.

This explains the same thing you need:

2009 Jul 13 at 17:49 UTC — Ed. 2009 Jul 13 at 17:50 UTC
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