no visible brushes

no visible brushes

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2014 Aug 22 • 6
My map was working / compiling then after few changes i started getting this error. :[

i went to entity 35 and right click mouse > move to world
it gets fixed but then again compile error to older entity :[

already done this 5 times , is there a better fix


[i]Error: Entity 35 has no visible brushes

Error: No visibile brushes
Description: All brushes are CLIP or ORIGIN (at least one must be normal/visible)
Howto Fix: self explanitory
2014 Aug 22 at 10:09 UTC
2014 Aug 22 • 6
its fixed finally

dont know how , i just followed this from guide
Error: Solid entity is empty/Brush entity has no solids from FAQS and deleted 2 entities and it is fixed

2014 Aug 22 at 14:14 UTC

2005 Mar 21 • 6636
Hammer shouldn't let you do it. When you delete the last brush in an entity, it should also delete the entity, but sometimes a ghost is left behind. It sounds like you did the right thing which was to just delete the empty entity.

Additionally, the compilers should probably just ignore an empty entity anyways, but, well, this is what we have to deal with. Have fun!
2014 Aug 22 at 20:26 UTC
2014 Aug 22 • 6
yea something new for me , ghost entities

thanks for reply , i really like this site , it helped me make few simple maps
2014 Aug 23 at 06:24 UTC
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