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2008 Jan 19 • 6
to any one at superjer. i wanted to ask for a favor. my email is and i wanted to ask if i could by chance get the .rmf file for awp_snowsk337 im a huge fan of what you guys make but i just wanted to add a few thing out in the landing zone so its harder to hit the knifers. it would be for private use and you would still have all your credit. or if not could you explain how to decompile the map.. im not to good with those things. thanks
2008 Jan 19 at 08:01 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 19 at 08:03 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
Sure, you can have it:

I was just glad I still had the .map sitting around!
2008 Jan 19 at 14:33 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 19 at 14:33 PST
2008 Jan 19 • 6
Thanks alot. but i dont have to much knowledge on making maps. i guess i used to make them as .rmf and when i opened the one u gave me none of the textures are there. so in order to have me make the same thing u made. and add the couple things i wanted i would have to redo every texture? and idk how to make those windows or the clear windows that you cant jump out
2008 Jan 20 at 11:16 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
You need to load the correct .WADs in Hammer. They are:

awp_ls.wad (mine)
cstrike.wad (from counter-strike)
cs_bdog.wad (from counter-strike)
liquids.wad (from half-life)
cs_office.wad (from counter-strike)
flasheeelights.wad (mine)
(I found this out by opening the .map file in Notepad, it's right at the top.)

You need to use Textract to extract the textures from the .BSP. I'm not sure which ones are in there, maybe all the ones you need or maybe just the ones that I made.

You need:
1) BSP file, awp_snowsk337.bsp
2) Textract program -->
3) Put them in the same folder
4) Open a command window there
5) Type: textract awp_snowsk337.bsp snowsk337.wad
6) Then use your fresh new .wad

Hope this helps.
2008 Jan 21 at 01:10 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 21 at 01:11 PST
2008 Jan 19 • 6
yes thank you. seems to be working.. my friends going through it right now do we have to edit everythings properties such as all the water on the map and the breakable glass and the clear windows?
2008 Jan 21 at 08:23 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 21 at 08:35 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
The clear windows are just clip brushes.

Put the CLIP texture on a brush and -BAM!- invisible wall (that only stops players, not bullets).
2008 Jan 21 at 10:29 PST
2008 Jan 21 • 1
ive been working on the awp_snowsk337 map and when i compile it, the hlrad freezes up. but when i tell it not to run hlrad, the map compiles without the lights, and also the timer for the doors that open at a certain time dont work. can i ask how to re-make the timer for it?
2008 Jan 23 at 08:35 PST
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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hlrad is the bit that calculates the lighting.

I'm afraid I con't help you with why it crashes, it might be the case that superjer compiled it with a few command-line switches. But really I wouldn't know.
2008 Jan 23 at 18:21 PST
2008 Jan 19 • 6
okay. so im done with my map. i want to compile it as a .bsp .. malibu ^^^^ gave me the settings once, i dont have them any more.. is there an wasier way to do it?
2008 Jan 24 at 06:29 PST
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