Getting started programming HL SDK

Getting started programming HL SDK


2010 Nov 27 • 6
Mother of god...

I'm using Code::Blocks to try and change the HUD color in HL1 and I can't get cl_dll to compile. There's so many errors already in the coding before I even change anything. Google has turned up zero relevant results for a cure-all solution to get started. I've been going through one error at a time and fixing them separately and painstakingly.

How the shit do I get starting coding Half-Life? The source code doesn't compile at all. I also tried using MSVC++ but it won't even convert and open the old-ass VC6 files.

Does anyone have a fixed version of the source code? A version someone has already adjusted to work?

2012 Apr 8 at 08:02 PDT
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There's a version of hl sdk that works with vc2008, just search it up on the webs.
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2005 Mar 20 • 6625
Where did you get the SDK from?

I haven't used it before, but in order for anyone to help, we'd need to be looking at the same SDK.
2012 Apr 23 at 18:58 PDT
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