Fatal Error

Fatal Error

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2007 Nov 18 • 1
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i need help!!
Every time i make a map and compile it n every, the game starts , then half way through loading, the cs client closes, and a window pops up saying FATAL ERROR: couldn't open gg_stoneworld.wad

i dont know how to fix this can someone help me
2007 Nov 18 at 19:08 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
You need to put the gg_stoneworld.wad file in your game's /cstrike folder. Everyone who plays the map must do this.

If you want to avoid that trouble, use -nowadtextures in your .bat file on the hlcsg line. This will include the textures into your map. Example:

hlcsg -nowadtextures mapname
hlbsp mapname
hlvis mapname
hlrad mapname
2007 Nov 26 at 18:42 PST
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