Error: Exceeded MAX_PATCHES

Error: Exceeded MAX_PATCHES

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2007 Nov 8 • 18
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8164 faces
Create Patches : 81596 base patches
0 opaque faces
1413304 square feet [203515904.00 square inches]
Error: Exceeded MAX_PATCHES
Description: The map has a problem which must be fixed
Howto Fix: Check the file ZHLTProblems.html for a detailed explanation of this problem

I could not find the ZHLTProblems.html file anywhere, so now i ask here. What does it all mean? What do i have to do to fix it?

Please, help. - Niwo.
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2007 Dec 1 at 06:09 PST
2007 Nov 19 • 5
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eh. the most common mistake for exceeding MAX_PATCHES is putting a box around your map to protect it from leaks when you have to contour the sky/whatever textures to the walls on your map to make a seal instead of the box around the entire thing. hope that makes sense.
here's a link to demonstrate what i mean..

the first picture is what you may be doing.. the second one is the correct way.

another cause for exceeding max_patches is an extremely large map.
2007 Dec 1 at 11:02 PST
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2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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