damn func_tank is fucking up

damn func_tank is fucking up

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Le Tigre

2006 Sep 1 • 549
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OK, well I made my turret, and I when I played it in my map. Here's everything that was fuckd up with it:

1. When I used the turret, it just started rotating all the way around to face me.
2. When I fired, the bullets didn't come out of the barrel, they came from the origin brush on the right.
3. There's no sound, even though I targeted it at a ambient_generic
2006 Nov 17 at 17:03 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6582
The game doesn't know which end is the front.

I haven't used func_tank but usually half-life considers EAST as FORWARD so make sure in your map the gun is pointing EAST and that might help.

You can probably set the angles on it to make it point elsewhere but the brushes must be built facing EAST. Are you supposed to target an ambient generic??

Like I said I don't know much about func_tanks.
2006 Nov 22 at 13:53 PST
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