Clock program

Clock program

2010 Mar 23 • 24
Ok, last time I was on here (the awesome SuperJer forums), everyone seemed to be a god of programming. Now, my roommate is trying to find a program to use on his desktop that is basically a clock that will go off every 10 minutes to remind him to use a thing in minecraft. Does anyone know of a program online that you can set a time interval and then push a button and it goes off every whatever long amount of time? Or if someone can make a program of any kind that can do it, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, are most of you from US or Europe? And if US, East or West?
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Most of us are in the west coast.
and if you just want a simple program that will repeat the same thing every ten minutes, like a macro, use
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2005 Mar 20 • 6625
You can also use the built in task scheduling on your OS.

Windows: set a scheduled task for every 10 minutes to run wmplayer file.wav or whatever.

Linux: Add to you crontab
*/10 * * * * mplayer ~/sound.wav

Macintapple: use iCal I think.
2012 Apr 23 at 19:18 PDT
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