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button controls

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2008 Jul 31 • 22
How would I make one button to control lets say all the lights in the map,

or in my rotating door map to make all the doors spin.

the other question is how do I move objects if something happens in a game.

e.g. a player enters the DO NOT ENTER door he falls through what looks like ground but isnt solid into a pit with water so he doesnt die.

Now that a player is inside the wall starts moving towards him and crushes him how would that work?

and how do I make text appear on a screen if someone enters within a certain area?

lots of questions please don't flame and say look for tutorials if you don't want to awnser then don't
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2008 Aug 12 at 09:44 UTC
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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make ur func_button and make the light

then im sure u can name the light SRAW and in buttons target put SRAW

in the rotating door map

make all the doors u want to rotate

make an origin brush in the middle of each door

select the door and origin brush and make it a func_rotating

name ur funk_rotating SRAW
then make ur func_button
set in its target SRAW

second thing: when he falls down, make the ground a func_water entity or make it a func_illusionary with water below it

third thing: make ur walls to be func_train
call them SRAW
then put in the first stop target thingy sraw1
then make a path_corner entity and call it sraw1
in the func_train flags im sure there is crush on death or something

4th thing: make a trigger_multiple entity
put in its target SRAW
then make a game_text
call it SRAW
then u can type ur text there

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2008 Aug 12 at 11:59 UTC
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