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Angel Sanctuary

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Count Adelaide

Roar Of The Tigress Medal
2007 Jun 24 • 84
68 ₧
Cool Anime Its old but I like it.
About A Teenage boy Name Setsuna Mudo who's the reincarnation of a very powerful angel named Alexial who turned against God and all other corrupted angels.

Its more of a Romance story really seeing as Setsuna is in love with..yes with his sister. Who's also the reincarnation of angel. The demons and other angels who's not corrupted try to resurrect Alexial.

Sadly it only had three episodes...Mainly to only introduce you the manga. Bastards...

Anyway If you have any interest heres were you can see.

Episode 1 Look above video for other 2.
Make awkward sexual advances, not war.
Down Rodeo said:
Dammit, this was the one place that didn't have this, but noooooo, molkman pisses all over that
2009 Jul 19 at 19:13 PDT — Ed. 2009 Jul 19 at 19:15 PDT
polly pushy pants

2008 Aug 1 • 3080
-6 ₧
i like trigun....
I drink to forget but I always remember.
2009 Jul 19 at 21:53 PDT
Half Irish, half NOT FUNNY

2007 May 27 • 1415
110 ₧
I remembered getting a manga book that had a portion of that anime.
2009 Jul 19 at 23:19 PDT
Asshole Admin

1-Up Medal
2005 Mar 26 • 778
175 ₧
This sounds suspiciously like CLAMP. This better not have anything to do with CLAMP...

*consults internet*

Edit: Well, ok, according to the internet this isn't associated with clamp.
2009 Jul 20 at 01:02 PDT — Ed. 2009 Jul 20 at 01:09 PDT
*** BANNED ***
2009 Aug 16 • 11
Anime at all it are not pleasant to me!
2009 Aug 16 at 03:21 PDT
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