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Thanks for replying DR!!

But i don't see any Q&A about that issue in the F.A.Q!!

All i see is how to merge and how to make .WADs!

I want to UN-Merge the whole thing into 2 smaller .WADs
Hello everyone.

What is the maximum .WAD filesize VHE can handle ?

Because i have a .WAD file sized 254MB and everytime
i try to load it, VHE crashes

Is there a way to split that .wad file into 2 .wad files ?

so here is what i did!!

Created a cycler entity, pointed to the .mdl file!! Next i added an info_null entity on the floor, after that i created a block as a cylinder and used the "spot" texture and attached it into the lamp model. After that i made a light_spot entity just below the block!! I named the info_null entity "null1" and in the "target" field of light_spot properties i entered "null1"!!

Is that the correct way of doing such thing? :/
Someone please??

Sorry for being a pain in the ass!!
so i create a light_spot inside the model and then add an info_null entity to the place i want the light to go towards then i open properties of the info_null i put name "null1" then i go to light_spot properties and i put in the target field "null1".

Correct? :)

so it worked but i can't see the light on the model :/
it's like the bulb does not exist :(
Killer-Duck said:
GanJa said:
Killer-Duck said:
What kind of street lamp? Is it made out of brushes or is it a model?

you can help ME with that since the other guy didnt tell us how he did it!!'s a model!!

Use the cycler entity to insert models in a map.

i know how to insert models in the map. i dont know how i can make them actually...light!!

u could check the topic i made, it's less messed up! thanks
could u please explain that a little more noobish ?
Hello guys.

I want to make a lamp. The lamp is an .mdl but i can't find
a way to adjust the light entity so it emits from the lamp. I tried light_spot too but that didn't do anything.

I searched the whole forum through Google of course but couldn't find my answer.

Also, how can i make it so that in every round the sky goes from morning to night and vice-versa?

Killer-Duck said:
What kind of street lamp? Is it made out of brushes or is it a model?

you can help ME with that since the other guy didnt tell us how he did it!!'s a model!!
okay ! thanks for letting me know!!

i have another question!!

Can i resize models? :/
I don't mean player models...i mean those .mdls
like trees, benches etc etc!!

I tried fileplanet but it's a mess there!! Just a bunch
of categories and no order!!

do u have anything to suggest?


edit: i know there are .mdl in archives containing
maps such as tuscan or forge but is there any website
that i can get them in bulk??
thanks rockbomb. i didnt add any buyzone (i don't know how)
but i started the map in localserver and it worked :D

im moving on!
ok i added a game_player_equip entity next to
info_player_deathmatch and one equip entity next
to info_player_start!! i assigned it to give usp & knife
to CT and glock & knife to T. But all i get is a glock
for both CT's and T's and a flying knife

edit: i've changed both player_equip entities to armoury_entity
hit alt-enter but i dont see a "weapon_equip"! all i get is a list
of weapons!
hello guys. im new at mapping and im facing a problem.

I followed the basic tutorial and finished the map without
any errors.

but i dont have any weapons!

(You won't have a gun or anything until you type impulse 101 in the console.)

i type impulse 101 in the console but all i get is a message
in the top left corner that says "crediting player with $16000"

and i have no Hud too!

ps: sorry but i cant read through 22 pages of topics
just to find the answer!! plus that your search does not
ps2: i did read the F.A.Q