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wtf i cant log into jrkookid!
Benefit1970 said:

OMFG HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How long does it take you to catch up?
Check Again!
Wow your graphics card sucks BUTT
No I am jrkookid
yeah i think its hard to eat the corpses too
wow itz sooo easy to die
i just noticed that you can see that girls nipple from the picture of those christmas girls, the blond laying down
koolkid said:
suck my balls

<Insert stupid insult here>
wow havokk this time must be your best one
koolkid said:
wtf is christmas

are you for real dude?
Mate de Vita said:
wow dave sure is popular...

popular in which way?

YouTube or Forum?
FallingShit said:
koolkid stop being a froum coping ass raping butt fucking bitch...

I second that.
FallingShit said:
yeah havokk is telling the truth im not him but we could be clones

joking of course though we arnt

well you do act like havokk is some cases
FallingShit said:
and now for "yo momma" jokes

alright then.....

Yo momma is so FAT! That she has more chins than in a hong kong phone book!

i shold really stop writing stupid things like this...... i want mommy!
Mate de Vita said:
omg Havokk either you're constantly high or you really eat way too much sugar...

why you getting so pissed for? faggot

koolkid said:
shut the fuck up bitch

was he talking about you?

superjer said:
That's it. You're all banned.

/Goes off to code ban functionality...

how long does that take since we are on the new forums

FallingShit said:
nice forum (Sarcasm)(hooray for Sarcasm)

fail.... epic fail......
FallingShit said:
guys give him a break...

I am guessing that she is either playing a MMORPG or she is copying you if you know what I mean.
"It's Darth Vader! Run!"