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Recent posts by Zhaarteth

2006 Sep 21 at 02:08 PDT
"Mrs_Hunni_Bunni" said:

Thankyou for clicking

"Happy happy birthday! From all of us to you! We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too! HEY!"

It almost sucks that I get paid double-pay for the hours in which I sing that every day. It REALLY sucks that it's constantly stuck in my head.

Gotta make money somehow... even when kids scream in horror at an ugly gigantic fatass singing that right at their table. But still, it's money.
2006 Sep 20 at 23:56 PDT
I think this video would win at least 3rd place at the International WTF Awards.

The ending was ... so I have nothing else to say.
2006 Aug 14 at 15:47 PDT
"aaronjer" said:
Speaking of planets, where is Conrad? Has anyone seen him?

He is approx. the size of neptune, and weighs untold trillions of tons. He has white fur on his nose and the middle of his neck. He answers to the name "wuzzles" as well as Conrad, he likes tuna, brisket, and molten rock from the center of the Earth.

This was posted a year or so when Conrad wandered off on his own. We feared he'd been run over by a quasar but found him happily basking in the radiation of a neutron star. The little scamp!

Uhmmm... yeh.... Conrad.... okay. I'm going to go hide under something lead now. See you all in a bit.
2006 Aug 13 at 12:31 PDT
"aaronjer" said:
Yeah, that's what I said when I saw Conrad hungrily eyeing the planet Chocolaton V... poor bastard was waylaid like a planet-sized kitty with brownie grit in his teeth.

2006 Aug 10 at 04:30 PDT
"aaronjer" said:
Also, Zhaa...r.. ugh, forget that. Z-man, one does not normally admit that they usually "type with one hand." You're assassinating your character before we even have time to make fun of you. I'd PREFER it if you'd let ME do the insulting, you ass.

I think most people would find your comment towards me rude. But I'm laughing my ass off. Then again, you just called me an ass. So I guess I'm laughing myself off. I admire your sense of humor... or whatever you want to call it. And I'll remember the rules regarding my name and you being the "Insultinator". For now, I have to try to stop laughing. I'm sorry, but having an Admin be solely in charge of insulting people is funny to me.
2006 Aug 9 at 16:30 PDT
"Homeslice" said:
Wow I did not expect you to dog me just asked if you like them or not../shrug ..maybe you just did not understand my question..

Sorry. Didn't mean to come across that way. I'm just a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to spelling and gammar. Really though. Your stories are well thought out. Assuming the fact that they're meant to be fiction. I don't really know, but I like them. The explanation was meant to alleviate any bad feelings arising from what I had said about your grammar and all.
2006 Aug 9 at 16:23 PDT

To compare my wpm to one of yours; I would still be slower if one of you got an undetectable computer virus where every letter you typed would be deleted one second after you typed it.

Isn't that what Ibbletype.z@mm did back in 2002? Or am I hallucinating viruses again? Damn. Me and my various whatnotted hallucinations. Bleck.

Anyway, my main problem is that my fingers are short, and my palms are huge. So I can't exactly get them to assume the correct keyboard position. One of my fingers ends up trying to go through the one next to it to get to a key. Then, my hands start aching like hell. Well, it's not that they exactly succeed in going through one another. It's more like it feels like I get a needle jammed through it. So I type with one hand just to keep it simple.
2006 Aug 7 at 19:42 PDT
"CornJer" said:
I type at a max of 60 wpm. My usual is about 45-55.

@ Aaron


See? I told you I'm slower than molasses on a cold Alaskan winter's night!
2006 Aug 7 at 19:39 PDT
"Homeslice" said:
So I take it you love my so anyways stories ?

Not sure. I like the one(s) about Alaska, but you changed to Washington. They're amusing... if the person reading them can read drastically improper grammer and spelling. Which I can by the way. I hang out with 20 year olds who don't know the difference between "their" "there" and "they're" along with other spelling WTFs. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, you'd probably be making an okay identity for yourself as far as writing stories. IF you could get your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and structure right.

...Yeh, I'm not too good either. But I try.
2006 Aug 7 at 18:36 PDT
"aaronjer" said:
Holy good god. Somebody who can ACTUALLY TYPE posted here? Damn... I've been putting up with Cornell and Smoke for far too long.

Also, the best way to improve typing speed is to try to type things to teammates while playing CS. Either you start typing like a tornado that has somehow gained sentience and a job as a secretary or you get shot in the head. Either way I win. Seriously, I'm going to fire you if you don't start typing faster.

My maximum speed is about 30wpm. But I usually type at around 19 to 23. I get to my max by knowing exactly what I am about to type. Otherwise I'm a slow dumbass. Mostly because I tend to think too much while I'm typing. That, and I usually type with one hand. My hands aren't very cooperative when it comes to fast and controlled movement. I take medication that prevents me from not only diving over to the dumb parents' table who can't keep their damn kids from screaming at the top of their lungs in a restaurant to feed them their own eyes, but it makes me all docile and shakey. I look like a 6'5" human sloth type shakey lemming thing... if that makes sense.

Anyway, thanks for the tip. But I didn't know I was employed. What's my title? How much do I get paid? Should I quit my job at ChiTech? Oh wait, I got fired from there too.