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Recent posts by UberJer

2011 Feb 22 at 00:29 UTC
I actually did find the zombie river, which I'm not actually 100% on it's purpose besides killing zombies. Do they only spawn in that one place cuz it's the only dark place and the game NEEDS to spawn a set amount of them or something?
2011 Feb 14 at 07:11 UTC
Aaahhhh see that makes more sense. I was like "no way in hell I could do this on my singleplayer world. Shit I can't even find any Iron in my damn singleplayer world, let alone diamond or build an underwater palace.
2011 Feb 13 at 20:26 UTC
So I started playing this, what the FUCK kind of time do y'all have on your hands? My offline biome is lame as shit and then I log into your server and holy CHRIST (I shouted). I dig the underwater place. Also the castle. Also the nekkid zelda (well done aaron).

Never seen anyone actually ON the server though.
2011 Jan 7 at 07:12 UTC
Like most people I work for whoever's handing out the cash, but recently ABC and FUELTV have been paying my bills.
2011 Jan 6 at 02:09 UTC
Well, barring that fact, yeah.

But isn't it fun to eat three cheesy gordita crunches after a long night of drinking and still wake up two pounds lighter than you were?
2011 Jan 6 at 01:59 UTC
Made a New Video in General
Yup, still really bad. Like last time. This time, I'll give you tips though:

Fire doesn't move when the source moves (your pillar of fire moves like a stick from the front of the paintball gun). Instead, it emits and then moves independently from it's environment. If you were to, say, composite a blast of fire coming from an actual flamethrower in there, it might look better. In fact, always use actual footage of things in your composites.

Spread: fire doesn't come out looking like a stick either, it spreads out and billows.

Smoke: Where is it? Fire makes smoke. And find real smoke.

Effect on Environment: The area around you should light up in relationship to the position of the flame.

Finally, color correct the entire image to make everything look cohesive. An overall correction to add some style, but also correct each individual element in the composite UNDER that final correction so they all look like they're supposed to be there. Look at your natural lighting (and light quality), and adjust according.

To wit: http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Blog_Outtake_web.mov

You're welcome.
2011 Jan 6 at 01:48 UTC
Having a super-drive metabolism is fucking RAD.
2011 Jan 6 at 01:45 UTC
Just because you said that, I made it my face.
2011 Jan 6 at 01:25 UTC
Vegas for editing, After Effects for color correction and compositing (which at times involves some Photoshop).

If you have a Mac, Final Cut Pro is the obvious option. I personally like Vegas better, but working on various jobs I have to work in FCP from time to time, and it's pretty easy to get used to.
2011 Jan 6 at 01:21 UTC
To answer your question, no.

For instance, I will (periodically) return for about a week and then disappear back into the film industry.