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2007 Sep 23 at 19:39 PDT
I know this is old stuff, as is a lot of stuff on YouTube. But I just happened to search for "King of Fighters" on a whim and this was one of the first to come up. It's a cosplay fight from Korea.

And then this one.
2007 Jul 11 at 22:59 PDT
I get freebies if I post ads for Trickster on 5 different forums. The catch is I also have to say what I like about it.

First of all, the site is here:

Well Aaronjer might remember me playing the Japanese version just before he moved out of the apartment. They came out with the English version and it actually is keeping up fairly well. They have a lot of events and keep players updated often, so i actually have more event prizes than I ever had in the Japanese version! There are lots of people on now and I spend a lot of time chatting. It has PVP arenas and Guild battles, so if you like those kinds of things, there ya go! If you want to play, it's FREE! Yes all free! It has a little shop function that you have to pay for, but that's strictly optional (won't make you godly either). You also have to pay to customize your camp. Not a whole lot to do in the camp except show off how rich you were before you furnished the camp.

Anyway, superjer, please let this post stay. If I can post on 4 more forums I'll get a prize that I'd normally have to pay cash for. If you sign up or play, feel free to buddy up with me. Just let me know. My main character is Azarias and I lead the Ordo Scuti guild.
2007 Apr 13 at 17:21 PDT
Drugs + Spiders in General
hahaha omg that rocked. and yes, I know it's an old post.

The heroin spider just sat around all day staring at the ground. They deemed it too boring to include in the documentary.
2006 Sep 28 at 16:06 PDT
Space Bug!! in General
Oh snap! I must get out of here! The giant bug lords are coming for us!

Gonna send that link to everyone...
2006 Sep 6 at 16:11 PDT
*flings kitty poo at MkErica*
2006 Sep 6 at 16:09 PDT
I was working on a Pocky & Rocky multiplayer top-down fighter, but that was on the computer that got jacked. The motherboard is fucked, so my game is gone. Now I'm working on a Strike game (as in Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike). Also multiplayer... But first I have to get the sprites. Seeing as how I have ADD, it will be a while.........
actually when i found it, i immediately thought of you aaron ol' buddy. i thought, "aaron must surely have checked out this site." actually new songs are still comin' out, although i'm still waitin for you to come out.

i'm watchin you... watch----ing-------you......

......ew my tendons are protruding from the back of my hand!
2006 Sep 1 at 22:03 PDT
shut up aaron. i know if i made a game, you would play it.

then again, i'd also make sure the links work.

(i started working on a Mario game, but I couldn't make the koopa troopa fly out his shell)

oh hey! so cornjer is dburnell? what's up dude?! you never PMed me on GM forums

Dunno how I came across this site, but it has some awesome remixes. AW! NOW I REMEMBER (Edit) I was searching for remixes of music from Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Anyway, just wish some of the songs I really like were remixed. I've listened to Final Fantasy 6's soundtrack so many times that the remixes aren't that interesting, but some of the Phantom Train remixes are pretty good. Some of the songs are just new soundfonts or drumtracks, but most of the songs on the site are actual remixes. A few have lyrics, which I don't care for particularly (the death metal remix of the mansion theme from Castlevania II was decent, though). Some of the remixes make me drool and I can't get enough of them. I'll post the ones I've listened to that I like so far. These are mostly from SNES and Nintendo games (damn the NES had some kickin' soundtracks).

Desert Snowstorm (Secret of Mana, desert theme)
Cry From the Forest (Secret of Mana, that sad song when you get exiled)
Stomp the Summer Sky (Secret of Mana, the first upbeat overworld theme)
Dance Master (Blaster Master, fuckin sexy first stage theme)
Japanese Swamp (Blaster Master, toad's theme Danny Elfman style)
Neighburgers (Zombies Ate My Neighbors, long sexy main theme)
The Curse (Zombies Ate My Neighbors, heavy metal version of Curse Of The Tongue)
Panic of the Undead (Zombies Ate My Neighbors, second level theme)
Ghosts & Goblins Wonka Mix (Ghouls & Ghosts, the famous theme sugared with Wonka)
Advance With Caution (Bionic Commando, first stage theme war flick style)
Hillbilly Rodeo (Bubble Bobble, world-famous theme on banjo with sheep!)
Drum'n'J-Pop (Magical Drop 3, uber-sexy interlude from story mode *orgasms*)
Enigmatic Lunacy (Magical Drop 3, Moon's theme song OMG! *has multiple orgasms*)

Let me know what ones you like and i'll update as I find more I like.


Koan of Drums (Tales of Phantasia, elektronika mix inspired by Kajiura Yuki)
Victory Festival (Kirby Superstar, Kirby does Ireland...sounds like Chrono)
2006 Aug 30 at 16:35 PDT
Wii is the shit! in General
was there just world -1 or was there another neverending world also? i went to world -1 a few times. nothing like swimming endlessly for hours on end dodging Bloopers and Cheep-cheeps. Aw, those were the days.