The Superjer Pet Thread

The Superjer Pet Thread

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2018 Mar 8 • 8
Hello, everyone! Here's a new thread to lighten up the mood, our own pet discussions. I own a Siamese Cat named Cassy. When I'm stressed from work, I come home to this furry little tyke purring for some cat food and cuddles. She's been with me for years and we're tight as a drum. My wife loves her as well, which is why she plays with her in our yard most of the time. She doesn't have to carry her out though, as we have installed a cat door, as while she's definitely very adorable, she's still an independent cat and the cat door would let her get out with no hassle (but still with supervision). How about yours? Feel free to share your pet stories.

2018 Apr 2 at 04:57 UTC — Ed. 2018 Apr 2 at 04:59 UTC

2005 Mar 21 • 6644
Pet story time:

I brought my pet to the mall (where pets ARENT ALLOWED!) and my pet ate some of the plants behind the bench outside Menchies. I was hiding my pet in my bags (FROM ARM CANDY (the purse store)) but my pet was still able to eat the foliage AND WHEN THE MALL SECURITY GUARD came over I had to EAT THE LEAVES TOO to prove it was me and NOT my pet. So I got kicked out of the mall for eating that. I'm not putting my pet in time out cuz my pet doesnt know better. I love my pet.

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