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IS what she said.

2007 Oct 21 • 912
41 ₧
Sick vid

Because it is epic...
But even then, I had my honor. The largest Banora White tree grew on a wealthy man's estate. It was rumored, that those apples tasted the best, but I never stole from that tree, because the wealthy man's son, was my friend...
2011 Apr 4 at 19:45 PDT
Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
Not only is that guy my new role model, but the song is actually really catchy. In fact, I went and looked it up, and I'll probably be listening to it on repeat for the rest of my life.
Sick vid

Edit: Actually, I think I'll just put the video you posted on repeat, I just like the sax part D:
2011 Apr 4 at 20:10 PDT — Ed. 2011 Apr 4 at 20:11 PDT
Down Rodeo
Cap'n Moth of the Firehouse

Find the Hole II Participation Medal
2007 Oct 19 • 5486
57,583 ₧
2011 Apr 5 at 04:54 PDT
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