REnaming every map i save to ' my account name '

REnaming every map i save to ' my account name '

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2008 May 18 • 543
Yes pretty much, i just overwrited a map based on the film Cube i worked 1,5 day on. For a minigame server.. Now im starting over with a new mg. And I save that, it saves in my Steam/Steamaps <- Named as '' my account name. I LOoked in my general options, it says it shud save all vmf to the sdk content directory but it doesnt. And it keep being my account name. I can rename it manually and put it in the folder but next time i save it does it all over again. Please some help!
2010 Sep 17 at 05:11 PDT
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2010 Sep 17 at 05:26 PDT
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2008 May 18 • 543
Now that i have more time to explain,
I Use Source SDK - Valve hammer, Source Engine 2009. If i make an map fx. And saves it as 'MG_Leapyfrog' It renames to '' * Which it does to every map I save.

* My steam account name.

So recently I overwrote another minigame map based on the movie 'Cube'

Accidentally ANYONE please help.
2010 Sep 18 at 01:21 PDT
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