Protect your map

Protect your map

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2010 Feb 13 • 1
How do i make a map soo only a people/server has paswords can play it, if no pass/code <--(or whatever) you get transported into a room with nice texture saying its only avalaivable on a certain servers?

Ive been looking for it on google for hours, now its 3 AM and im sick of googling and drinking coffe. I did search for it on this site too since its helped me before but without any luck.
I doo bet that ive havent looked furthere then my beard and ive missed it...

And since it has been done before some one is bound to know how to, know help i can only go to bed and hope some kind fellow will help me while i sleep...
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2010 Feb 13 at 18:14 PST
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2008 Aug 1 • 3080
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think of a computer as a cup, and the internet as a straw (you know those bendy straws) and counter strike is the bend. all people will go on a server if there are no exceptions(eg. password protected, bad server conection, lota lag ect...) really what you explained...there is no such thing sorrey for your inconvenience
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2010 Feb 13 at 18:46 PST
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2007 May 27 • 1415
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What do you mean by not having a password?
2010 Feb 13 at 19:35 PST
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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the only way it could have been done before(as you say) is serverside(an amx plugin)

any why would you need to protect your map anyway? its not like anyone is going play shitty maps like that and im being rude to you because i dont like how you claim you stayed up the whole night and googling and sounding like a total FORUM NEWBIE
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2010 Feb 14 at 04:15 PST

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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Its a map man, its not like there is much intellectual property to create one. What is so wrong that other servers cannot play your map? And, anyways, it is a map, its not like you are entering a project into the Nobel Peace Prize.
2010 Feb 14 at 11:22 PST

2008 Mar 23 • 192
You could perhaps make a code room to go to the real part of the map. Like on surf_green how you use the code to enter gunroom. Or surf_ninja for the same thing. Yeah I'm a surfer.
2010 Feb 15 at 19:19 PST — Ed. 2010 Feb 15 at 19:20 PST
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2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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Why not just password-protect the server?
2010 Feb 17 at 04:25 PST
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2009 Dec 13 • 566
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I think he wants to put a message to those who don't know and give em some link to his website to have many views or something like that.But it's still really stupid because we make maps to play em not to "protect" them.Plus you could do what Killer-Duck said.Set a password on your server instead...
2010 Mar 2 at 11:05 PST
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