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Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
So, I ran across this video, and at first I didn't know whether I should love it, or hate... but I've come to the conclusion that I love it.

The vocals are pretty much a Japanese equivalent to Microsoft Sam, put to some pretty awesome metal.
Sick vid

2011 May 14 at 09:05 PDT

2008 Jul 5 • 583
295 ₧
Ah, Japanese metal Vocaloid. I am amused.
It's really awesome.
For those who are wondering about the lyrics, here's the same song but with English subtitles (and a download link):

Vocaloids are the type of music with lyrics by microsoft sam similiar programs, edited to change the phase of the lyrics to seem like singing.

Megurine Luka is the vocaloid (voiced by Yuu Asakawa) in that song and the band/editor is Yuyoyuppe. If you go through the reccomended list on youtube and listen to another song that says "Megurine Luka" you might listen to some other musician and might get a completely different kind of music. Ended up on techno stuff with Megurine Luka once.

So, if you like the music, listen to something else Yuyoyuppe has done.
Today's post brought to you by the letter: "heck".
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