Deactivate buyzone?

Deactivate buyzone?

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2009 Nov 25 • 7
Hello, how do i deactivate to "buy" weapons?? I havent placed any buy zone, just automaticly it happend.
You can't change what we are !
2009 Nov 29 at 13:03 PST

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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There is a FAQ for a reason you know.

eDan Co. said:
Q. How do I change weapons players get/buy?

Disable buying
Create a func_buyzone brush-entity, and place it inside your map in a place inaccessible to players (inside a wall is good). This will remove the buyzones at all spawn areas in the map.

Place weapons on the ground
Create an armoury_entity (point entity) where you want the weapon to be. You can open the armoury_entity's properties to set what weapon will spawn (Item) and how many (Count).

Give weapons to players on start
Create one single game_player_equip for all players in the map. You can set what weapons will be given in the entity's properties, or even make the players spawn with sparks flying around!
Note the more than one weapon of each category can be given at once. e.g. A player can receive AWP, M4A1 and AK47 all at once!

Thank you Down Rodeo for the great inspiration!

2009 Nov 29 at 13:06 PST
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