Compiling errors.

Compiling errors.

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2010 Mar 18 • 2
Yeah so i made a really huge map, then realized it was too big (compared to players), so i scaled it down, and after that scaling then save i got lots of problems..
it's like 1200 different brushes with errors.

Copolar plane,Plane with no normal, outside world errors.

I've worked hours and hours with this and now it all seems lost.
Any help about how to fix this? instead of starting over...
2010 Mar 18 at 19:51 UTC — Ed. 2010 Mar 18 at 19:52 UTC

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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The coplanar faces error is because you have two (or more) 'faces' on one line. The easiest (and fastest and usually best) way to fix it is to check for errors then fix all of type (which would delete the brushes).

The plane with no normal is harder. To simplify it, it means that you took a plane and made it into a line. The best fix for this is to delete it and start over with it.

The outside world error is cause be either of two things: vertex manipulation, or a brush being 'too' close or actually outside of the 'world' (by world I mean the available creating space).

First zoom out of your map (applicable to both problems).

If it is cause by vertex manipulation then it will be extremely long. You WILL notice it. The only real solution to this is to delete it.

Otherwise, you have a brush that is too close to the edge or outside the edge, either delete it or move it.

Press Ctrl+P to check for problems (while in Hammer). This will help you a lot.

2010 Mar 18 at 21:01 UTC — Ed. 2010 Mar 18 at 21:02 UTC
2010 Mar 18 • 2
The scale was way to big and i have fixed a new map.
Thanks for the reply.
2010 Mar 20 at 20:24 UTC
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