Cod4 or Cod5?

Cod4 or Cod5?

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2008 May 18 • 543
Personally I thought both were ass kicking. But Cod4 seems moar, friendly more online playable <33

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2009 Sep 29 at 12:39 PDT — Ed. 2009 Sep 29 at 12:40 PDT
Mate de Vita

2008 Oct 4 • 2453
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Just finished CoD 4 singleplayer a few days ago and I have to say I was impressed. It was a bit short (a lot shorter than CoD 1 - which incidentally I was playing when you made that post) but still I thought it was pretty awesome. What I really liked about it though was the atmosphere of the game, to which the music contributed a lot.

Have just started multiplayer, I like it so far but it takes a bit of getting used to and you need to level up a bit (or a lot for P90) to unlock the good stuff.

Haven't played CoD 5 yet though.
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2009 Sep 29 at 13:10 PDT

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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CoD4 for sure. Personally though Army of Two is better than either...
2009 Sep 29 at 13:39 PDT
Down Rodeo
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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2009 Sep 29 at 14:50 PDT
polly pushy pants

2008 Aug 1 • 3079
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sprinkles said:
CoD4 for sure. Personally though Army of Two is better than either...

... cod modern warfare is the onley thing i can kick my frends ass in.(but he kicks my ass in halo(s))
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2009 Sep 29 at 19:18 PDT
Miley Cyrus Stalker

2008 Jul 21 • 203
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CoD 4, im sick of WW2 games.....

Oh but MW2 Is gonna be bitchin

2009 Oct 3 at 11:59 PDT
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