-censorship- due Nov 30

-censorship- due Nov 30

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2008 Aug 1 • 3080
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internet, books, road maps, the news and even the bible. It all has one thing in common; you cannot flip a page or look at something that has not been in discussion on “censoring”. The world is in on it, we know about it, we do not like it. So why do we let “them” do this. The examination of censorship in America suggests that censorship protects children but also it violates the 1st amendment. censorship protects children even if the first amendment is contradicted. People protest that the first amendment is what the United States of America is founded on and what makes us free. Other people explain that censorship will corrupt our kids if we do not stop things as things are with violent video games. What I think is that when I go on the internet I want to see the truth, things that I want to see and not lines of black on my texts not a white page that says “your organization has blocked this website”. Simple things such as going to cnn has “adult content” or going to other sites and have them misrepresented as such Foolery. Go to your nearest Safeway get on the internet and go to a website with some violence. The chances are that it will be Censored. The children need to know most of this IS on the internet and on TV. Not all at one time but if we keep them in the dark, children will not know what to do.

-“wanting censorship”
Freedom of speech is one of the most basic of human rights and yet there are some boundaries that need to be drawn with particular respect to sensitive issues. Ways that are common in censorship are enforced including bleeping words, blocking images, false info. Such particular issues can be language that is obscene. Movies, music, and news has most of this and it is censored for the sake of children. The government knows that and so they
do , bleep, block and insert new and “clean” information to them. “Children are our future”
should be the motivational thought when censorship comes to mind in the television companies.
Some reasons to be “for” censorship are for the children. The FCC is a company that is the main
hub of censorship in news, TV, and radio. They depict how they do not want the news to show
violence as much as possible. They cannot have nudity violence without the proper rating for that
movie. They tell troublemaker, rogue, bad robot DreamWorks, thx, pixar, that they cannot have
nudity violence without the proper rating for that movie. They do the same thing with everything
you can think of. There is a “FCC” for every country you can name/ all this is a good thing cause
if our children found out about the nudity and the violence it would corrupt there little minds
there are G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 that depict what movies will display in there theaters

-Reasons to not want
censorship are the kind of reasons that you want to know some information. I want to Google something about the columbine shooting. I do not want see a clean version of it was all cream and peaches, I would actually want to know the exact details of the town, day, time, how long. Blocking information should be a crime in the united states cause it is one of the things Americans embrace Such things as editing this game called “left for dead 2” the austilalians copy. compared to the usa copy it is cleaner but the hard core generic “shoot dead things” just does not fit with the graphics things as.
No gore: when you shoot a infected you see a small splash of blood, no parts will fly off
No blood splatter: you will not see blood spattering on the screen
No dismemberment: you cannot shoot or melee any limbs, and expect them to fall off
No corpses: as soon the infected hot the ground, the game renders them gone.
No burning: infected will not catch fire.
I expect somebody to say “well the game is cleaner and better with out all that killing and bad intentions“. the game or most things have a intention either to be clean or not. I ask you do you expect a game with one gun to be with good intentions? If you buy a expensive game you expect it to have the most of what the general it is and what you paid for. It would be a waste if it did not have the most gore as possible. What they are doing is denying great ideas that make great things games, books, and television. People who make this violence are not bad people , but creative ones.

-The bad things about censorship
is the over abuse of it. every body has heard of Alice In Wonderland and it is is most definitely not about drug use but over the years people have come to conclusions that it is because of parts of the book such as the one where Alice eats a mushroom. Certain people say that the reason that Alice becomes really tall and then really small in the book is because she is “high on magic mushrooms.” Alice In Wonderland is a great story for kids. It is about a young girl named Alice. Alice herself in a magical place called wonderland. This book was actually banned in China back in 1931 for another reason. Someone did not agree with animals being able to talk the way humans do. They thought that the book was “portraying animals and humans on the same level”
Catcher in the Rye is a book about violence and it makes more sense to ban the Alice in Wonderland. “Catcher in the Rye is the story of teenager Holden Caulfield's turbulent last few days before his Christmas vacation. During these days, Holden leaves Pencey Prep, a boys' school he's been kicked out of, and takes off for a few nights alone in New York City. Holden tells the story from some sort of a mental facility where he's recovering from the stress of the experiences he retells.” This book does have numerous scenes of violence but it is an overall good book. Should students stop leaning about the Second World War because we are afraid to teach them about violence? The answer is no, violence is all around us, and Catcher In the Rye is a healthy way of explaining that to kids. In 1991 Concerned Citizens of Florida challenged Catcher in the Rye. They believed the book was anti-Christian. They did not agree with the profanity, vulgarity, or the references to suicide. The review committee for this book voted that the book should stay in the library.
On September 11, 2001 the world witnessed the worst disaster in the history of North America if not the world since Pearl Harbor. The twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed due to a terrorist attack on America. This event affected everyone very deeply, but that does not justify talking songs off the air by artists such as Creed, Savage Garden, Led Zeppelin, at one time, hit song Ironic was taken off the airwaves of many radio stations in United States and Canada because the song makes reference to a plane crash. Creed’s hit song, Higher, received the same fate when some angry people heard reference to flying or to be more specific “Can you take me higher?” in the lyrics. This song is about being brought to a place where everything is better and about creating that place here. It does not make sense for people to object to a song with such a deep and spiritual meaning. Both of these songs have no coarse language, sexual or rude remarks, or even any reference to fighting of any sort. It is unbelievable what they do to religions also.

-The good things about censorship are things that protect our children cause The beeps has become increasingly used in our society, so much that whenever we hear it. Every time we hear the beeps, we immediately wonder what word was just removed. Do not tell me you do not ponder it, however quickly, because I am absolutely positive you do. You can not help but wonder what word was just missing in action from that last sentence you just heard! In your head you know what word was It probably goes without saying that we’ve all been conditioned to accept that something naughty has been said when you hear the beep. Censorship can protect out troops it can provide safe for rape victims, relocated people, and most importantly it will keep the moral being of family together.

-In conclusion, censorship in music, TV, maps is wrong in my opinion. Artists in both music and art should be allowed to say/paint whatever they want. That is what our founding fathers based this country upon: freedom. The government is doing an excellent job in making the First Amendment suitable for all. If parents have a problem with it, it is because they did not properly supervise their children.

Have a mini-internet for kids, such that it is accessible to anyone on the Internet, while those on the mini-net cannot access the "real" Internet.

Have a completely separate computer network for children.

Parallel chat network for children and ONLY children.

Internet servers for children that restrict potentially obscene newsgroups.

It's the nature of internet that most simple protections can be defeated and parents should know that!!!

It's the nature of internet that most simple protections can be defeated and parents should know that!!!

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-censorship- due Nov 30
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