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Mate de Vita said:
There is no way to tie entities together if you're not using the Spirit mod.
The glass panel on the door is possible but the glass can't be made breakable.

To do that, tie the door frame (+handle) to one func_door and the glass to a separate func_door. Give them both the same properties (including the name) but set the window's Render mode to Solid and FX Amount to something 50-120ish.

What exactly is Spirit Mod? I tried a Google search and nothing interesting showed up.
Hello, I'm wondering if its possible to tie multiple entities together because I want to do the following:

~ Create a func_door that uses a frame and inside the frame glass (ofc)

~ Set the render level low enough to see through the glass, and make it breakable, but NOT the frame or the door handle, I can't seem to do this without making the frame and door handle see-through.

I have tried making the glass portion a func_breakable, then selecting all the brushes and making it func_door, but then it forces me to choose between func_door and func_breakable.

Is there another way to go about this?