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    22, Jul 2008 - CEVO Begins: Part Two
    The Soviet Postal Service is alive and well again! Our first match in over three years is upon us, and hopefully it won't be a forfeit win! This site will not be updated much in the future. For more info, I direct you to our Steam Group. Wish us luck!

    26, Mar 2005 - CEVO Begins
    Our first CEVO match has come and gone. What happened you may ask. Well, we unfortunately got a forfeit win because of our opponent's stupidity. Their leader agrees on the default time, then when match time comes all 5 of our team is in the server, all @ready and waiting. During the following hour our opponents: had a steamid format entered in wrong, tried to play a ringer instead of one of their members, and then later said that they actually couldn't play that night and have to reschedule. Yeah, I don't think so. Considering this is a highly ranked CAL-Main team, I'm pretty disappointed at the lack of responsibility and maturity. Hopefully the teams we play in the upcoming matches will be there and ready to go at match time. 1-0-0 for Sov.Ps. de_cpl_fire is next, our most hated map. Should be interesting!

    1, Mar 2005 - Mission Accomplished!
    Congratulations are in order! The Soviet Postal Service has acheived its goal for s13 of CAL-Open: going 6-2-0! Even though CAL-im has been disbanded this is still a great moral victory for our team. Good job guys! The playoffs are still a possibilty depending on what our RPI is after the overturned match. Up next for Sov.Ps is CEVO-Amatuer. We look forward to an exciting season!

    28, Feb 2005 - CAL-nothing?
    CAL has just announced that they are disbanding CAL-im and making the moveup requirement for the new CAL-m making it to the second round of playoffs. This means that we have no chance of going anywhere except back to CAL-o again. In light of CAL's decision to screw our season of hard work over, we've decided to screw CAL by switching to CEVO-a. We look forward to a fun, fair, and competitive inagural season of CEVO. Sov.Ps would like to thank CEVO for listening to the community in times of need. Good luck everyone!

    26, Feb 2005 - CAL-im?
    With our record at 5-2-0 we've got a shot at CAL-im. We just have to win our match on our best map, de_inferno.

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