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Recent posts by xzec

Recent posts by xzec

2011 Apr 10 at 19:55 UTC
"[...] buying the stairway to heaven."
2011 Apr 9 at 04:17 UTC
Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece. :D

Hopefully it won't be an headache to make it bugfree and making the small adjustments balanced enough.
Though I'm certain it shouldn't be any problem.

You're a saint!

It's too holy! I don't dare touching anything.
2011 Apr 8 at 23:32 UTC
superjer said:
I'm not sure if I still have the .map or .rmf lying around. I'll look for it when I get home.

Any news?
2011 Apr 7 at 17:54 UTC

Whenever I make a cup for it, there's just too many who signs up that I have to leave a third out if I want it to end before the sun rise up again.
2011 Apr 7 at 05:11 UTC
superjer said:
I'm not sure if I still have the .map or .rmf lying around. I'll look for it when I get home.

< fingers crossed >

superjer said:
But that's the gimp launcher!

Oh, how AWPers just loves that launcher until next round arrives.

superjer said:
Just be careful not to let the skeets hide back there. Someone will be an asshole and waste everyone's time.

Indeed, it wouldn't be lowered to the point where you can hide completely by crouching, though there will also be a few grass sprites to hopefully make it a bit easier for the skeeters.

superjer said:
It doesn't end?!

Unfortunately, any map with no objectives doesn't end the round.
The worst part is that I can't use AMX in Cups, so that I can force the round to end.
2011 Apr 7 at 01:58 UTC
Hopefully he would share it; 'cause there's no map more awesome than snowsk337, it just need a wee bit more adjustements.

I'm frequently running 4on4-5on5 cups and friendly matches.
2011 Apr 7 at 00:54 UTC
Haha, that's what I thought.

Perhaps an .rmf file?
2011 Apr 6 at 23:33 UTC
If you're looking from the outside towards the valves, there's one bug in the lower right valve where you lose all your speed and get shot up straight in the air.

It would be great if there was a bit more space outside the doors for the skeeters to dodge the AWPers, but still have the slopes, since they're great to avoid any fall damage when you're shot out from the valves.

Would make it a bit more easier for the skeeters if the ground behind the trigger_push was lowered a bit, so it would be harder for AWPers to shoot you.

Also have a bombsite outside the map, so the round ends when the time's up.

Best regards,