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Recent posts by Monk

2008 Sep 13 at 18:15 PDT
hsvook in General
master_wang said:
havokk edge is gay

Says the Master of Wang
2008 Sep 5 at 04:10 PDT
I have been gone a whiiiiile :P
2008 Sep 1 at 23:25 PDT
hacks........... in General
or a cd emulation tool like daemon tools or alcohol
2008 Sep 1 at 23:24 PDT
melloyellow582 said:

yes, even you.

This may be difficult over the net

2008 Sep 1 at 14:05 PDT
Well if they are lanning they are on computers...

and should be posting!

I think we should have a big exiting internet party to liven things up
2008 Aug 25 at 23:45 PDT
A real law suit in General
From what i heard of this story, the salesman told him the cruise control system is so advanced that it could basically drive itself.

Its been around for a while.
2008 Aug 25 at 14:04 PDT
UberJer said:
DAYUM SON. Where the hell have you been?

Pardon my negroid verbiage.

Galavanting about the internet like a lost puppy on speed!

Though thats pretty normal for me.

When i first came there was no mcdiddy's, i sort of faded away after mcdiddy's 2 appeared. I know because i drew some stuff for it.
2008 Aug 25 at 03:47 PDT
So nothing out of the ordinary then.

I feel like a relic of an older time! When things were all the one colour and Ug_Man existed as a dancing banana.

Ah the memories.
2008 Aug 24 at 23:12 PDT
aaronjer said:
Monk? Seriously? Aren't you the guy that drew the thing for the thing? You're still alive? How very nostalgic.

Yep thats me.

Anything interesting happened in my absence?

I only recognize about 3 people posting so something must have happened
2008 Aug 24 at 02:02 PDT
Here i was happily carousing about the internet, jealously guarding my porn stash. When a sudden urge to play counter-strike came over me.

So digging out my old steam details, i log into a server and lo and behold leet skeet appears.

So i thought i'd pop on by and see if you guys still existed, and my login still amazingly worked.

I've been gone for a while :P