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Recent posts by DJchul3l3y

2009 May 4 at 12:04 UTC
Well i was browsing youtube videos and someone posted a link to this:

Looks really good, but no community (Its new i guess), but does anyone else know any fansites that has a big community?
2009 May 2 at 15:04 UTC
omg.omg! OMG! in Vidja Games
Im to scared to open atm, ive got my younger bro's about. Any nudity?
2009 May 2 at 14:52 UTC
Well, I havent been really active on the forums, when you do see me active thats when you know im working on a mcdiddys related project. Before your panties get wet (Thats your cue Havokk), just know that i am only starting this project.

Unlike my other project (The short flash made in a day?) - This one will be funny, action packed high quality animation.

Ive only spent two hours so far animating the characters to superjer-like style (I also had to lube my rustiness with flash), so here are the results...

Drumroll please!

To reduce spoiling this suprise, please click here

Yes, there still rough, and Yes Louis looks useless because he will be (Spoiler?).

Anyways, You'll bee seeing updates within the next few weeks, enjoy.

My User colour is dirty, please change it.
2009 Apr 30 at 13:41 UTC
Yeah i guess, Killing floor was a UT2004 mod in the first place
2009 Apr 30 at 03:01 UTC
USD and £? in General
2009 Apr 30 at 02:41 UTC
Total rip of L4D + COCKOFDUTY5.

$20 USD in STEAM STORE, good graphics (I guess). Once you watch the trailer you'll see what i am talking about. You'll even see a skinny boomer.
2009 Apr 30 at 02:34 UTC
Has my computer finally broken down for steam? in if( while ) switch{ coding } ++
At first view, they look like key log's
2009 Apr 30 at 02:33 UTC
davedays? more like davegays
2009 Apr 30 at 02:31 UTC
superjer in User Discussions
xXJigsaw23Xx said:
Oh you have a website named after your greatness laziness O_O

2009 Apr 30 at 02:26 UTC
USD and £? in General
Same post on steam forums.

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