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2007 Dec 12 at 02:13 UTC
It may be not 90 or 180 what you need to do is find the circle with the white line coming out from the center. ( you get properties by selecting the item and using alt + enter)
That is the direction they will be facing when they spawn. You can move the white line manually. Move the white line in the direction you want them to face.
Dont mess with the pitch yaw roll
2007 Dec 9 at 17:21 UTC
help mi pls in Hammer Mapping
i had that same problem once. I just re-installed hammer
2007 Nov 24 at 06:16 UTC
yea it worked with the circle thing not sure why it didnt work the first time. maybe i didnt save the file
2007 Nov 24 at 06:13 UTC
Help for ladders in Hammer Mapping
I tried to follow superJer's instructions and had a hard time fiquring it out how to make my ladder. All I got was confused. I finally got my ladder. Here is how:

First thing you do when you create a ladder, is to make the main shape of your ladder. I used the "{CSTRIKE_LE6LAD" texture from the cstrike.wad.

NOTE: textures with "{" infront of them can/will become transparent through the blue in the texture, if you make it an entity, and select the correct options.

Ignore the blue in the texture, this will become transparent, so that you can look see it.
Then I made the texture see-through, by selecting the ladder brush, and making it an entity, by pressing Crtl-T. Now, choose func_wall in the drop-down menu, and set these options in it:

Render mode: Solid
FX Amount: 255

Now you will be able you see through the ladder, but if you compile your map, you won't be able to climb the ladder.

So next:

Create an other brush, which has the exact same size, as your original ladder brush. Use the "AAAtrigger" texture on it.(I got this from the zhlt.wad.)
Now make this brush, a ladder entity, by Crtl-T, and picking func_ladder. Now you have to place the new brush infront of the func_wall, and you got your ladder.

Hope this helps

I am not sure what the clip texture does but maybe you can tell me
2007 Nov 24 at 00:07 UTC
wad files in Hammer Mapping
no that request wasnt from me
2007 Nov 22 at 04:51 UTC
ok , thought i tried that but maybe i did it wrong ( of course I did cuz Im in here lol) I'll give it another shot
2007 Nov 22 at 03:15 UTC
As topic asks:

How do I get ct's and T's spawn facing foward?
When we spawn we are facing left, not to front of map.

I looked around cant find answer. Hope Im not reposting one that has been answered.
2007 Nov 22 at 03:12 UTC
Just so everyone knows. I could not find a fy_snow.wad but there are snow wads out there. However I did figure out a way to extract the wads out of a map that has wads built in. So, I now have fy_snow wads.
2007 Nov 18 at 01:53 UTC
yeah I've looked since yesterday but i was looking for fy_snow textures. I'll try snow textures see what that does for me. Any one know what wad fy_snow uses?
2007 Nov 18 at 00:48 UTC
I think the subject title speaks for it's self but I looked through what seems like hundreds of textures/wads and cannot find the fy_snow textures. Where do I need to look?

oh and the tutorial is awsome great job! You made it simple and easy to understand. Ill be making maps in no time