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Recent posts by awhippo

Recent posts by awhippo

2009 Nov 20 at 17:34 UTC
Help with slideing door. in Hammer Mapping
What tip jail break map are you making.



I made them i would like to see yours.
2009 Jul 28 at 19:35 UTC
AntonFifty Your Map in Hammer Mapping
you had 10 days to download it so u fail
2009 Jul 18 at 23:22 UTC
i already fixed his map
2009 Jul 17 at 00:26 UTC
Question about lag&compile in Hammer Mapping
If that don't help me me see your .rmf and your textures.
2009 Jul 16 at 03:48 UTC
AntonFifty Your Map in Hammer Mapping
AntonFifty if you want to talk to me bout what you should add or have a question post out your steam username and i will add you to steam
2009 Jul 16 at 03:34 UTC
AntonFifty Your Map in Hammer Mapping
Here you go i remade it i added a lil i changed shit that did not work and added some better shit. Here is what you need to do you need to make the tables and chairs don't make the already made tables in hammer make your own. Take your time if you do it right you can make it a grate map. If you can't make it good or you don't want to make the lil stuff you have to make tell me i will make the map my own and make it amazing. Well that's really it make sure you take your time i can be a grate map. Good Lucky.
2009 Jul 15 at 02:49 UTC
lol your funny "ahwippo" so funny lol am holding my side o and stfu you sound like a nerd i just told him to redo the map bro forums is stupid lil 9 year old white kids talk shit lol i think i will be the bigger man " am sorry i hurt you feelings it is a grate map don't remake it you just play it man JUST PLAY it you can map i believe in you! jrkookid sorry that i was truthful and told you bf to remake a map i did not mean to am wrong your right god i with i was as cool as you that's why i hate one you man i just want to be like you YOUR GRATE!!

ps. The map was made wrong if you was a map maker you would know that and you would shut your fucking mouth.

pss. Look at the map fuck head its all fucked up. You want me to tell the truth he has tables to big grass as not a grass texture.
The spawns are to close if its a bomb map he should have ct in side t out not t and ct out side. But its a school map it should be cs map with hostages in side with ts and the cts has to go in a get the hostages. But the hall ways are to big the doorway to big the computer to big. Everything needs to be remade or edited if you want to remember your school the way it was do it right. If that is to mean or hurt your pore lil fillings am sorry your so sensitive.

psss. I was just trying the help the guy do it right. But if you don't like me i don't give a fuck.

2009 Jul 13 at 22:42 UTC
jrkookid said:
Ok awhippo you are seriously being a fucktard you just barge back into this forums making demands and insulting people like dude wtf!

its not like everyone here never got something perfect for the first try! It takes time to improve your skills faggot.

stfu you sound like a pussy all am letting the guy to do is remake it so stfu and fuck off the map was made wrong that means he needs to remake it he needs to know how to make a working map then learn how to compile it
2009 Jul 12 at 23:17 UTC
you fucked up just remake it trust me it was not that good
2009 Jul 12 at 19:58 UTC
i right i seen this map and ..... theres no nice way of saying this but it sucks you need to learn how to make a map first and compile your self and wow wtf is up with the scale its like huge you has a block full or something err witch means you messed up something ether find it or make the map over and make it good if you want to make a map i mean you have doors with just a big box opening its really bad am not trying to be a dick just telling you what it is and make it scale to the person i mean the computer table was bigger then him..... just make it over and take your time

ps i just looked at the map for the 2nd time and i would us your map as a example of how not to make a map. just saying