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shit, I failed the test
this is why this is still the best website
I, for one, am pro-nipples.
A band I’m in finished an album and it’s insane. If you like Death Grips, Nine Inch Nails, Sleigh Bells, Danny Brown, shitty trap music, any sort of punk/thrash/metal, or puking up blood in the middle of the night, you might like it. You might not. Only one way to find out.
yeah like just something like a smaller table you know
maybe some sort of small table or cabinet or something i dunno maybe something like a little piece of wood i guess i mean there are other options
I'm all about being in.
Yo hook it up.
I like 5. It good game. 4 also good but 5 better than 4 by lot.
NatureJay said:
Not gay enough.

Let's all talk about more things again!
Didn't all the passwords get reset to your username last year at some point? The ram cache probably got defragged on accident and now you have to clear your kernel.
Rad. I totally see what you mean! I'll take it as a compliment, I guess.

PS for all the people who don't like my boring music, here's another project I'm in that you will like.
It's fucking crazy shit.
Which U2 song? I don't listen to them, but I'm curious as to how close it really is!
Hey, thanks! I know the vocals are really low, that's a combination of insecurity in my singing/lyrics and the fact that I lost some of those track project files so I can never re-mix them ever again. You're right, though, they are super quiet on a few songs. That's an awesome description of the music, much better than any I've ever heard.
I wrote some sad songs and I want you all to listen to them. Good.
I started making a quesadilla a year ago and I forgot how to stop.
That limited-slip differential sure will help you get hella more downforce per torque, dad.
aaronjer said:
Not that I watched that video, or any video on here ever.

I remember, I think it was Jet Monkey Duo, back when he was still only two monkeys.
It's clearly a xenomorphic facehugger. One of you Jers or Jays made it a long while ago. CornJer, maybe? Probably not. It's shamelessly attempting to inseminate a bottle of the classic 90's soda "Mellow Yellow."
And no, I dropped out of college, so that put a damper on my music show.
I was thinking about it, but then I decided I wasn't going to.
And THEN I remembered that I don't think I can even do that.
SUDDENLY, I thought that I would maybe change your title to something funny.
HILARIOUSLY, I wrote this post instead.
EXPECTEDLY, I'm much more content in using the effort to do this than that.
SRAW said:

Now this is pole socking.
superjer said:
the_cloud_system said:
NatureJay said:
SRAW said:

▲ ▲

I had a dream last night.
Someone here suggested that we have a giant meetup.
I think it was rockbomb.
We all went to the library and stood around awkwardly, trying to figure out who was who.
There were a couple people that I knew in real life. Shit was weird.
I had sex with one of you. I forget who. It wasn't great.

It wasn't a very good dream.
melloyellow582 said:
I post sometimes, to make a point.

Guys, come on, that was funny.
I post sometimes, to make a point.
Remember spades?
I remember spades.
I thought you were gone.
Today I stepped on a bug. It was a bad day.
Down Rodeo said:
It's a shit page. I see these all the time and wonder.

I'm doing music for the masses from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Wednesday nights. PRIME TIME!
Oh, I have a music show KUGS now.
Make it so, Number One.
I think you might be stalking me, but I don't mind that much.
I do have leaves and branches growing off of my penis. My friends say it's my defining character trait.
Apparently some janitor or somebody was cleaning the roof above the station and took apart a necessary transmitter. It should be up soon.
phoenix_r said:
then they played this song on KUGS a couple times

If you keep listening, you will eventually here my voice reading the news. Next quarter, I'll have an entire show.
May have edited original post.
Needs more octaves.
+17 points for that fabulous .gif.
Don't use the light_environment. Use a regular "light".
Sometimes I get lonely and give myself points.
Actually, Bob Dylan was very anti-war. I don't think he would have written a song like that.
Does this look like a cappuccino to you?!?! Not only were our grandfathers the WORST flat-iron chiefs, today isn't a great day to dance.
You are both arguing semantics. It's the Muckrakers in our society that bring around the REAL quadrants: Floggings.
melloyellow582 said:
xXJigsaw23Xx said:
chosen: Vatican City- to those who read yes I know its not a country but I was assigned it anyways)

Indeed, it actually is a proper country.

xXJigsaw23Xx said:
chosen: Vatican City- to those who read yes I know its not a country but I was assigned it anyways)

Indeed, it actually is a proper country.
AvrantinisSaltze said:
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Even if a freelance designer is reliable and trustworthy, you can face certain complications. For instance, if your website needs to be updated regularly and the freelancer is unable to work on a particular day due to any reason, your website would not be updated and you would face a lot of problems. On the other hand, a web design firm would have a team of regular employees working on your project.
Getting a website designed by a proper firm has another advantage as well. The working procedures of designing professionals are monitored and the design company ensures that all the client requirements are fulfilled. On the other hand, a freelancer is not answerable to anyone. He may not follow the required time frame and cause a delay in delivering the work. This may cause a problem for you.
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Put more than 10000 dollars worth of something in the cart.
My unban request accidentally got sent to the accounting department. Now I need to fill out my 1080 forms again, and remember how to sign my name.
Oh, and I know that you're SRAW. (You have the same I.P. anyway)

It was really funny, actually.
At first, I was doing it for the lulz, but then I realized it wasn't all that lulz-y, but then I did it anyway.
Hows about I just ban the next person to quote ANYTHING in this truck?
I'll do it.
I'm not afraid to go back to jail.
Good jorb.
Down Rodeo said:
Ugh, Pendulum. Wait, has Rebecca Black been posted here? I can't remember any more.

Yeah, I posted that in a different topic.
Nobody likes your shitty music.

Oh yeah, I'm actually a huge jerk in real life.
Sick vid
Sick vid
... It's SRAW.

Down Rodeo said:
not every server will automatically start running your map.

Well... It's Bowie.
Maybe it just isn't a legit program...
the_cloud_system said:
I don't know, I think I'm just a sucker for piano

Y u no update client?
You get everything for free (aside from the game) if you buy it now. Updates and all that.
Mate de Vita said:
I'd like to request the title Not aaronjer to prove to all you guys that I'm not really aaronjer in disguise.
Then again my current title is also fine.


Oh, oops. Man, I haven't gotten the hang of this Admin-Crystal® yet...
Man, I really need to stop talking to myself so much.
No, it's ONLY Aaronjer and you. Two people on the forum.
molkman said:
Whoa, your stache looks incredibly douchey-

I agree.
Oh really? 'Cause I can't read. Thanks!
Send an email to the address he put when he registered!
Don't remind me!

He was my only Jew friend in the whole internet.
The post right above yours was edan. I thought you were replying to a post by him for a second...
cloud_the_system said:
thiory of evoultion??

cloud_the_system said:
thiory of evoultion??

cloud_the_system said:
thiory of evoultion??

cloud_the_system said:
thiory of evoultion??

cloud_the_system said:
thiory of evoultion??
I've said it before, I'll say it again.
I think there is a close positive correlation involving screen resolution and user I.Q.
Rockbomb said:
When did fancy handlebar mustaches become hipster?

You can type that all you want.
I understand that there is no NEED for any sort of compassion on the internet, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try anyway. I think that is what separates those who want to try to be good people from those who don't care.

Yes, internet trolling is all fun and games, and shouldn't be taken seriously, but it is still a very interesting thing when you take into context that there are real people on the other side of your magic electric box.
SolidKAYOS said:
Yes.. I mean, I didn't say "Oh, I'm glad you're alright," I just tried to loosen up the place.. Not being mean about it. I'm glad sprinkles is O.K, and his family, but... Yes... SK is going to shut up now. Not good at these things.

Oh, okay. I understand now.
melloyellow582 said:
(Oh, and also, I'm totally not giving any points out.)


(Oh, and also, I'm totally not giving any points out.)
Plus 6 points for everyone!
That is clearly photoshopped.

What are you talking about?
Triple post!

John Locke time:

If a man born blind, and able to distinguish by touch between a cube and a globe, were made to see, could he now tell by sight which was the cube and which the globe, before he touched them?
Of course it is a false sentence. That's why it's fun!
Oh! Right. Different topic.

I totally agree that logically, it is easy to define something like a bale of hay, but practically it is both ridiculous and almost impossible to do.

1. There is President's Day, but that has (almost) nothing to do with birthdays.

2. Carl Sagan was an important guy in science.

3. He probably smoked weed like, every day.

4. Nobody is "celebrating" his birthday.

5. Racist?

6. I like making lists for things that it is unnecessary to make lists for.
Suck it.

That is all.
That could either be a Ska band or a filthy Synth-Pop band.

Very promising.

This means something.
The fact that is IS a paradox makes it not a paradox. The sentence (if it can define itself, which is another matter entirely) basically states that it is a paradox; however, a paradox is basically something that doesn't make sense. So, logically it is true that if the sentence is not a shrimp (which it is not), it "must" be a paradox. That leads to the problem, because a paradox shouldn't make sense. That means that the sentence is NOT a paradox after all! Still, I am fairly confident that the sentence still is not a shrimp.

Again, it is very silly and doesn't stand have much true intellectual merit, but it is fun.
Got a new one for ya.

The paradox itself states: "If this statement is not a shrimp, then it is a paradox."

What makes this statement untimely confusing is the fact that it is not a shrimp. This would have us conclude that it is a paradox.

What makes this statement a paradox is the fact that it makes perfect logical sense, except for the fact that it makes perfect logical sense.

The initial statement makes sense, as the statement is not a shrimp and is paradox. However, paradoxes do not make sense, so the fact that it makes sense and is a paradox makes no sense, making it a paradox.

It's kind of a dumb catch-22 sort of thing, but still ultimately mind-boggling to me.
Anyone got some spiffy non-copyrighted ready-to-go plug-n-play band names?

I'm trying to think of some stuff that isn't terribly cliché or something like that.
Is your name pronounced Jay Are Cool Kid, Junior Cool Kid, or JurCool Kid?
It shouldn't be, but it sort of is.
Yes, that is indeed the point. Thank you for understanding!
Yes, but the point is that undefined things are... well, hard to define. It's easy to say that 10-1 is not 10 anymore, but with something abstract like a bale of hay or being "late", the line gets a lot less clear.
So, the smallest bale of hay that fits your "minimum bale" size minus 1 piece of straw is no longer a bale?
Is a bale of hay still a bale of hay if you remove one straw?

Exactly! The point is that it is almost impossible to specifically define an object like that. "About" a kilogram doesn't cut it.
So if it's .0001 grams under 1 kilogram, it isn't a heap anymore?
Oh, okay.

I just want him back so bad.
Unrelated, but still fun to think about:

Otherwise known as the "heap paradox", the question regards how one defines a "thing." Is a bale of hay still a bale of hay if you remove one straw? If so, is it still a bale of hay if you remove another straw? If you continue this way, you will eventually deplete the entire bale of hay, and the question is: at what point is it no longer a bale of hay? While this may initially seem like a superficial problem, it penetrates to fundamental issues regarding how we define objects. This is similar to Theseus' paradox.
Rockbomb said:
melloyellow582 said:
This is dumb.

If its so dumb, why don't you ban me?

I can double ban you.
This is dumb.
Are you serious?

Like... really?

There's a reason this truck is where it is.


Did you just try to pluralize an already plural word by putting an "i" on the end of it?

Or are you just bad at spelling?
SRAW said:
Did you know:

SRAW played half life redemption and half life wanted before the original half life ?

Redemption was a terribly made game. They just threw out some sort of sequel without even trying. There were spelling errors, helllla glitches, and it just didn't make sense.

Wanted, however, was awesome.
I always go by how the sun rises and sets.
Seriously though, if you post something like that again I'm going to ban you for like a week. Both your accounts.

At least post clever things or things TRYING to be clever.
Down Rodeo said:
Does this have anything to do with a horrible drawing bug that I saw earlier?

Ah man, this one?


The difference in listening to FLAC versus MP3 or ACC or many other encoding systems on regular speakers/headphones is a very minimal trade from the size of the file. Unless you have studio speakers or very nice headphones, FLAC is only better in your mind.
I have no strong feelings about audio encoding either way, but I think it is a silly thing to get in a debate about.
sprinkles said:
Rockbomb said:
and it plays FLAC...

FLAC ftw

No, not really.
Clearly you don't like music.
Is this a problem?
You think you're so cool.
Just to jump in, do you REALLY think that he is going to make hacks and then just throw them away?
I changed your title. Because it was funny. And because I like changing titles.
Yeah, seriously. Why AM I an admin? I don't even know how to work a microwave.

Oh wait, it's 'cause I AM FUCKING AWESOME.
superjer said:
It looks just like the regular site with a few more buttons here and there.

And it's in red!
Maybe. Wanna find out?
Actually, EVERYBODY loved Tesla.

Dude, you're the same person. That's just pathetic.
Fuck man, that's exactly the opposite of what we should do.
Well yeah, when you analyze anything long enough, it eventually comes down to "it does that just because that's what it does!"
Well, there goes the academic level that was so high a moment ago.
A conclusion should be something definite, like "we can conclude that nobody cares", or "we can conclude that someone cares". I basically said something in between the two. So, we can conclude that... I don't really know, honestly.
I think it's harder to put a value on facts, or conclusions. Obviously, what I have just stated is possibly true, so to say it doesn't matter in the same context that an opinion or a less developed and meaningful idea might be correct, but would be harder to justify.
So, we can conclude that while somebody cares, they are incredibly insignificant and pathetic in comparison to everything else. In fact, they are getting more insignificant and pathetic every second.
Again, my bad. What I meant was the size of us as people are asymptotic as compared to the size of the universe. As it expands, we in proportion get smaller and smaller.

I'm studying theater. Ha. I kind of have a hardcore love for astronomy and space though.

And people, shit, read a book.
That was my bad, I misspoke. I agree that the universe is constantly expanding, what I meant to do was throw in a few "virtually"'s in there. Virtually infinite, virtually really fucking big. For a while scientists thought that the universe would eventually stop expanding, but now they say it looks like it's just going to keep going. Taking this into account, the potential infinity that the universe has will kind of null everything out of existence. It's a kind of asymptote.

My real beliefs on all this have yet to actually come out; I'm a college freshman, what the hell do I know? I'm just throwing out ideas that are forming in my >0 sized skull.
Assuming the universe IS infinite, then no matter how large something is, compared to the size of the rest of everything, it doesn't take up any space at all.

Ah, Cogito ergo sum. That is still a very arguable point, though. The logical flow of existence should be that something exists, so it has the ability to think. The "I think, therefore I am" approach is flawed in that existence is concluded from thinking. A subtle difference, but still very important in philosophy and psychology.
Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is, in its broadest sense, any systematic knowledge that is capable of resulting in a correct prediction (i.e. falsifiability in Karl Popper's sense) or reliable outcome. In this sense, science may refer to a highly skilled technique, technology, or practice.
Actually, according to science, none of us technically exist, as our mass and volume as compared to the rest of the universe is arguably 0.
Scientists have not yet come up with a reason as to why I cannot bump century old threads, therefore you cannot disprove that it was the right thing to do.
Nobody cares.
Stranger: do YOU like fetuses being killed?
You: Haha.
You: That is phrased poorly.
You: I think that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her body.
Stranger: oh fuck that mate what choice does the kid have
Stranger: no choice
Stranger: the woman had a choice when she had sex and got pregnant. the woman always has more choice than the kid
You: Rape?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
If all else fails, defragment your RAM cache.
You: Hi
Stranger: Hi how are you, male here if it matters
You: Doesn't matter.
You: What is your favourite band?
Stranger: nickleback you?
You: Oh.
You: Uhhhhh...
You: Bye.
You have disconnected.
The so called "RED TEAM" leader has just announced that the team has drafted none other than ex-champion Dan "Earthquake McGoon" Flancake to be their Scrum Half for the next season of Pole Socking.


It still remains to be seen how the Phthalocyanine Green team will respond to this blatant lack of respect for authority.
I'm half Jewish.
Mate de Vita said:

True, it's more awesomer.

You could have said "more awesome". I would have even let "awesomer" slide. But BOTH?

-20 points 'cause I'm feeling sassy.
the_cloud_system said:
that was a lie to

-10 points for an annoying spelling mistake.
No, that's a default IP you're router gives you, just for local stuff. It doesn't connect to the net.
Here's the plan:

Every time anyone on this forum commits a sin, instead of just absolving it, I'll transfer it over to sprinkles.
No, what is in Cracked?
None of those are sins.
An ordained minister. I can marry you, divorce you, baptize you and absolve you of your sins.
Stranger: You?
You: Quite
Stranger: What?
You: Never mind.
You: Yes.
You: Yes i have.
Stranger: Oh ok. I was like what the flying fuck does quite mean
You: You've never heard the word "quite" before?
Stranger: Well yeah but like weird brittish people say it
You: Ah
You: Maybe when you get older, your peer group's vocabulary will expand
You: And you will be able to hear new and exciting words
Stranger: Dude are you like 45 or something becAuse I don't want to be talking to an old man
I've seen some hideous flash sites.
how do i right-click?
If it's a CRT monitor, you might just need to degauss it.
I noticed a while ago that you bought every combination of
Why would it make any difference if it has been used?
I was wondering superjer if you can give me your s.s. number and make an account for me , I can send you the money through via paypal .
Is it a CRT monitor?
I remember when he was Sarw, or something like that.
You shut up too.
jrkookid said:
There's the option to mess with people's profiles but there is no ban button. That is very inconvenient and strange.

It's funny, because you don't know what you're talking about!
More like Französisches Gymnasium!
All I have is a button that says "ban the_cloud_system?"

I really want to click it.
Shut it.
Wait, isn't that a vuvuzela?
Why am I still around?
Yes it is.
Fuck you.
Haha right you are, Chuck! Post on!
Oh, right.

Have you put it in her yet?
Have you touched her boobs?
turnip1 said:
fedex _ said:
SRAW said:
dumbass, just delete the steam directory and clear the registry for steam, then just reinstall


Lol i love laughing at you fedex... you're so dumb.

I want a sandwich.
Mate de Vita said:
Hey guys, remember when I had 500 posts? Oh, the good times, eh?
While DR is already reaching for the 3k post mark, I just got to 1000.

So, time to reset to 0?
Wow! That is a lot of commas!
Who's AJ? I don't know an AJ. Do you? Does anyone?

Certainly NOT Pole Socking or Storm Chasing.

Nixon helped bribe the red hatted bastard. Nobody move!


And some potted plants!
Hey! I am NOT made of flesh.
What's a S.A.R.S. chasm?
Jew Two!
I'm going to delete it anyway. So no.
That was beautiful. I think I may be the only one who understands what Aaronjer just said.
Shut the fuck up.
A Bum had two big hands and buck teeth. His dream was to win the Handicap Olympics one time in the near by future, so he could have a shiny light saber of HOBO wisdom to finally do all his taxes. Monterey was his name and so he was called Monty the Jigsaw pie. Ironically enough though he was a lactosintolerate dirty man, who liked pandas. He also was a man of superior unparalleld retardedness. When he got his throne usurped with chocolate syrup, he became quite
Any suggestions on a good/cheap wireless router? Like, $35 or under would be preferable.

Everyone put your hands up! Whoever said I'm whack put your hands up! Now everyone else put your hands down!

oh, there he is! there he is!
His hobby is also diabetes.
Who said I'm whack?
I feel left out. Somehow, I'm okay with that.
I neither confirm or deny the existence of the so called "Demands" section. Such allegations are to be taken with the utmost urgency and shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Yeah, you have to have at least SOMETHING covering it up. Otherwise, its ashamed!
I hear its actually a xenomorphic face-hugger. From ALIEN, ya know.

My rhymes are so potent, that in this small segment, I made all the ladies in the area pregnant.


Ladies? Here? Bah.
I did nothing! Really! Everyone blames me!
What kind of rapping name is that?
the_cloud_system said:
luckey # sleven

Pick a number between 1 and 10.
I think we need that more than you know.
xXJigsaw23Xx said:
melloyellow582 said:
Disregard that. Flash PLAYER does jack shit. You need the really version of Flash PROGRAM, man! SO get it and do it the right way! Do you understand? Huh.

Nah ya peeps kan ceep it mad rizzeel!.

Disregard that. Flash PLAYER does jack shit. You need da legit full Flash PROGRAM, dawg! So hit it up and get dosee thoughts in yall head straight! Yaddamean? Feel meh.
I <3 teh hives. They are cray-zay dans le concert.
molkman said:
melloyellow582 said:
xXJigsaw23Xx said:
Oh Oh Oh don't forget the whipped cream!

xXJigsaw23Xx said:
Oh Oh Oh dont forget the whipED cream!

Franz Ferdinand=<3
Fleet Foxes=<3
If I can't log on, how can I see THAT?

If you are going to make a fake account cstriker, at least don't make it blatantly obvious.
Mate de Vita said:

To make a knife only map you make a buyzone for both teams somewhere unreachable and then make a game_player_equip for both teams and only put Yes as a value under give knife.
To make the players unable to buy anything, you can also use the info_map_parameters and set the Weapon_buying to none

Do you know how to make an entity?
SRAW, knock it off.
Do I have permission to delete this truck?
I really really want to.
And at the same time, I don't.
Moar Comics!


Wait. Can I?
You can reset passwords?
It's too late.

The plan has already been set into motion.
Now make him fix my profile
Commencing Secret Truck Self Destruct...
I know exactly what you mean. How about letting admins/mods/whatevuh see IP addresses? Then I could tell who is who. *cough*HAVOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK*cough*
Well another secret truck fails.
What's going on?
I plead the 3rd.
And praise Tom Cruise a bit.
When I say a few weeks, I mean days.
And when I say painful... I mean AWESOME!

Just letting you know I saw this a few weeks ago.

It's just getting toooo painful now!
I thought there was another one around here...
oh well.
I'll settle for 1 and a half.

aaronjer said:
Hey, SuperJer, make sure to program in a method of detecting the IP of users that is easy to access. So that I can know exactly who is who (that is to say, Havokk) and then not tell anyone anyway or do anything about it.

it would be a LOT easier if you also had to produce a valid email address to register. before havokk figured out about THAT, he would enter his real email.
Havokk Edge said:
molkman said:
melloyellow582 said:
maybe if you change your goddamn screen resolution it will help.

Haha, that's what I just wanted to say. "Change the resolution from 800x600 to something the fuck else."

I just now so you said change it from 800x600.Um is was actually around 1000xsomthing and i actually lowered it too bite me...

so.. whats it look like now?
wow! aaronjer just told molkymen that i fergjot a durn peopleperson!
maybe if you change your goddamn screen resolution it will help.
Mate de Vita said:
melloyellow582 said:
eDan Co. said:
Mate de Vita said:
I always have an expenditure of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of my body or mind when checking out these four_a.m.-s




mello you forgot a smilie...

oops, i forgot a smilie...
stop downloading porn.
eDan Co. said:
Mate de Vita said:
I always have an expenditure of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of my body or mind when checking out these four_a.m.-s


I really enjoy this faroams.
I think the only way to be sure is to open another application and attempt to use the scrolling wheel attached to your mouse.
i think that makes it better
I will kill everyone.
I don't get it.
i wish i could lock trucks.
thats not you, thats bo!

what, foxytunes?

you mean its not for internet explorer. or whatever the fuck you use.
obviously havokk loves pretty ponies!
Please change your screen resolution. Please. It's hurting me.
you told me to set it to like -1000000, so i set it at like -600 to make you mad.
havokk, really.

thats not okay.
havokk, are you 13 or 14?

im excited.

oh, and hes half black.
haha okay lemme rephrase that. i dont think any of them are extremely good looking as havokk would make it seem.

they certainly arnt ugly.

its not that fucking hard.
i honestly dont find any of those women attractive at all.
i win!
whats my prize if i do it?
it was a statement.
If it wasnt me, and it wasnt you...


wasnt me
no wonder i want to kill you.
yeah, im pretty sure there is no light anywhere near it...

probably just the nature of the engine.
So this map i made has a section in complete darkness with water on the floor, but for some reason the water is fully lit. Odd. is this just in the nature of hammer, or is there something i am overlooking?

I have a feeling its a lot easier than what i am trying to do.

edan, i choose you!
i changed nothing!
now im curious!
what happened to the other game you were making? or was that a movie?
NO IT WASN'T. But i fixed it. its okay.
except for havokk. he cant post at all.
is allowed.
even triple posting
aaronjer, what do you think about TIRES?
eDan Co. said:
Kookid, change your gosh-darned cunt signature.


thats my hobby!
you need to die
fuck you too.
and i actually deleted NOTHING.

stop blaming shit on me.

unless its good shit.
no there are just to many stupid people that i hate.

and there always has been.

IM not doing anything different.
you mean a keygen?

im just dropping in to tell everybody how much they suck.
but edan. edan you rock.

everyone else, suck me.

yes, even you.
just reformat your ram cache. works every time/
And mcdiddys wasn't out yet...

if you turn mass upside down, it looks like ssaw!
xXJigsaw23Xx said:

you fucking spelled HIM wrong. HOW?
2 gigs?
be thankful for not having the 512 i have.
why do i get the feeling that this is like brad1000 or something...
or just cause he doesnt know anything.

about anything.
edan, you are acting hwhierd.

but really, studies show that screen resolution is pretty much proportionate to IQ.
nah, its cause his name WAS swar or something whatever, but now its sarw or something. whatever.
i wish i could lock.
i will end you.
have fun learning it.

its fun!
and punk!
i dont like your name.
fuck you all
havokk you have to have some basic knowledge of html before you start.
its probably a s.t.i.

i beat that like a month ago.
i wish i could have sex with pole socking. DEATH TO STORM CHASING!
no one tells me what to do.

unless they offer me something in return.

thats nice.
even closer, but its "super-colldan 'the jesus' flychrist"
david bowie!
just make it out of brushes, thats the easiest way. so, if your name was John, you would make a J with a brush going across the top, then down, then another one on the bottom...

and so on.
with online graphics!
the fact remains, I have N O I D E A what this truck is about.
but that would be pretty awesome.
once you finish making the map, inside of hammer on the horizontal toolbar going across the top, there should be a button that looks like 3 little circles... thats the compile button. try that?
this is for 1.6.

to compile a map in source just press the compile button in the toolbar.
you have a medal. shut up.
or meth!
you'd THINK so, but you'd be wrong.
He makes money off this site. Every time you say something, superjer gets a dollar.
I meant that I was joking that edan was naturejay, but not joking that people should stop using 500 accounts to post bullshit. If you need 500 accounts to do that, you suck at
its the opposite of a medal.
The first part was serious.
I don't care if you don't remember all the accounts you have. Just don't make 100 new ones like certain people have been doing. Got it? I'm sick of changing passwords.
We all know who you really are edan. Give it up.

NatureJay, come out from behind edan now.
This is by far the most annoying thing that has went on in my opinion. How about people stick to one goddamn account. It's bad enough as it is. So I don't care who fakerjer or havik or edan are, just stick with whatever account you have.

Thats right edan, I'm on to you.
ok, i got fed up with fakejers sig and changed his password again.
sudo bgnotrepeat 1

You get a reverse medal.

I never talk!
My someone-pretending-to-be-fakejer senses are tingling.
Or maybe its someone else in his account. Feel free to change it so he cant get it again, I dont care.
I would if he was ever around. I mean, I know he's around, but at the same time...He's not.

Meh, I'll just wait. I can see the folder in the sftp account that I have for the steam server, but I can't edit anything other than the server settings with that account. Is there just a different account that I could log into that would let me change minor stuff like that?
ok now its
goddamn i wish i could upload medals.
yeah i changed it to 556677 i think. feel free anyone to fuck with the account.
no i do, but i dont remember all of them. i think i got most of them though, see any still around?
should make a list of all the firetrucks fakejer fucked up so i can delete all his posts.
you broke havokk!
you do have 3 fancy banners already. they're called medals.
unless its right...
I get it
its realy easy to make you go on the defensive, isnt it?
request denyed.

Hey Aaronjer, now that im a mod or admin or whatever can I have access to the super-server? I can view the stuff because I have access to the counterstrike server part, but I cant edit or add anything. I just want to be able to upload stuff for times like trying to give edan his rabbi-medal.

No, I wont break anything.

*insane laughter*
in fact, you lose points for trying to hard.
edan, i told you that was me.

and do you deny that you enjoy cake?
fuck you.

im about to change your password.
well isnt that special...
on earth


you talking abou


when will you understand that you CANNOT pick your own title?
i thought you were going to stop that stuff.

im THIS close to changing your name.

oh THAT linux.

the one that viruses come from?
hows about i change your name to MrsTicks?


tell me you aren't serious.
i could never do that.

its impossible.
deal with it.
eDan Co. said:
jrkookid said:
I request that...

that sucks for you.
heh thanks but i cant ban.

i COULD change everyones passwords though...
me and aaronjer talked about that a while ago, but superjer would have to write some more code for that to work.
no point, its only you and jigsaw now i think.
maybe jigsaws gone? i forget
i was seeing what it was like to expand the havokk section into a people i find annoying section
haha jigsaw i cant get over how awesome your title is.
aaronjer said:
I tend to like porn that is very derogatory to women.

i lol'd

just having fun.
and how i made this video?

pretty cool huh?
my guess is its going to be something lame.

and mrs.ticks did NOT make it up.
-3 points for thinking you can give points.
why the hell would i do that
i could delete the truck entirely?

I could also just change his password.
+3 points for edan being so lovable
i wish i could ban.
taken care of.
unless thats what you want.
why have topics like this suddenly exploded exponentially over the past week? that and bumping fucking 5 year old topics. stop.
okay, i know i cant ban people but aaronjer, can you take away his ban credit? or just ban him?
anyone else thing its the sign of the Apocalypse that brad is back and he brought mrsticks with him>?
i dont blame you, just try to not take it out on me
i believe you.
man it was a joke....

sorry if i offended you with not keeping points exactly how they are.
im not going to ban you, even if i could. and what else are points for if not taking away and giving? thats not abuse. abuse is what i did to your mother last night.
how am i abusing my powers? first i took away like a point from jigsaw for doing something or other, and he started flipping out. its not like we use points or anything, so it doesnt matter. now im just telling people to stop bringing back old trucks that no one cares about, and im being an asshole? this is how i've always been.

and no one is worse then aaronjer. he's a *****'n Admin.
I realize these forums have hit rock bottom, or have always been rock bottom, but whats with the new trend of bringing back 3 year old trucks? its fucking dumb. stop.
you cant give or take points.

-1 point for both of you.
-2 points for coming back.
fuck you're back...
dont forget the background cans of melloyellow582©
can i delete this truck without anybody being mad at me?

fuck it, i dont care.

its not that hard.

tell us what you did to make whoever hate you.
like...physically what you did.
hows about you TELL US what HAPPENED.
i fucking love soup.
ok whatever.
and how do you delete entire trucks?

oops, i overestimated how many to subtract.

aaronjer said:

You're also allowed to change my number of posts to 1337 at any time.

done and done.

how do i change colors? i see how to change points post counts and such, but color isnt where i thought it would be.
are you sure it wasnt your computer? it was fine for me.
what do you want NOW

feel the power.
i wish i was a mod.
fuck you all.
thats what she said.
ban him!

if you sass me ONE MORE TIME, ill kill you, AND YOUR BROTHER.
why DIDNT he steal mine?

ban him.
i would like to FIGHT his army.
or be in it.

i live nearish youse guys.
we still...doodoo
im into the giraffe-cannon position myself.
i wonder if anime people have a real person porn fetish...
YOU'RE so.....


go down to the point where we start talking about the whole y 2x2=4 part.

quite possible fucking awesome.
im pretty good at photoshop
my bro is really good. im sure he would be glad to help.
Havokk Edge said:
It dose. but I don't want to crash with the french.

use better grammar.
thats what she said.
hl ftw.
hl2 wtf!
hl2:e1 bbq?
hl2:e2 orly?
i love the sound of that.
good god save us all. aaronjer found out how to change names.

wait. aaronjer killed god a while ago.

and who am I?
just making sure that edan has more points than havokk.
its very hard.
Havokk Edge said:

you can tell a lot about someone from the screen res. they run.
FL studios is pretty good, i think theres a free version.

its tough to use if you dont know what you are doing though.
ha was there a windstorm or something?

wait, where the hell were you?
or pie!
there is a tutorial on this site on how to build a ladder. just go to the main one and go down to advanced stuff. its at the bottom there.
i think its because it downloaded in FLV format, which is flash video. look online to find a converter, like flv to avi or something.
that sucks.
man if you are spanking the monkey every hour you might wanna that checked out, i mean that is like real addiction.
did you search? im pretty damn sure someone else asked this like last week. look up.
CornJer said:

i think you have an exploded brush. zoom out a bit and see if there are pieces "extruding" from your map.
yeah, thats it.
you are a bit late.
hahahahahahhahah you're 15.
make two thin walls with one unit in between. I don't think with any gun you can shoot through two walls, no matter how thin.
i wish the jer would come back.
press [ or ] to change the grid size.
you kids and your PHP. now its PHP, later its hard drugs like crack and heroin.

oh wait pHp, not pCp.
melloyellow582 said:
you spelled His name wrong.

i fixed MY mistake.
you spelled his name wrong.
you complete me.
i aspire to be you.
you are god.
damnit, not again.
when did YOU get back?
The Vines, Rogue Wave, OK Go, Mute Math, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, The Chemical Brothers, Flight of the Conchords. all awesome.
hmm that probably isnt the problem then. how big is your map, and is it one giant room? that can sometimes cause problems.
so that might be your problem? how extreme did you use it?
This error is almost always caused by an invalid brush, by having huge rooms, or scaling a texture down to extremely small values (between -1 and 1)
How to Fix: Find the invalid brush. Any imported prefabs, carved brushes, or vertex manipulated brushes should be suspect

Pretty self explanitory, did you use the vertex tool to fuck with stuff? idk. MOST LIKELY: NEVER EVER EVER just put a big box around your map and hollow it. it stuff doesnt fix the problem, it just makes it say you dont have a leak, confusing you even more. So, fix the leak, delete the big box, and you should be okay.
dont worry about that part...
you do that.
or the edit appears in red
the account will still be there to torment us.
another reason its annoying.
someone makes an account, makes ONE post, and leaves it sitting there forever.
800 is the default gravity
you are my hero.
bow chicka wow wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
hmm... i dont think you can really do it without getting some crazy custom models, but idk...

in source mapping it is a lot easier...
theres one in the tutorial in the advanced stuff part.
dont stop.
there is also an entity called something that lets you change which teams can buy and which cant... i forget what its called.
aaronjer probably banned it.
i really wish you would stop making new profiles for yourself.
confucious say "how do i ban?"
keep going up...
what the hell would we need that for here?

and if you red the post above this, you would see there IS a link to the homepage.
im on my wii right now, and the last post i made before this was on my friends iphone.
maybe, whenever someone tries to start a topic in the hammer section, it makes then sign a form saying they DID search. if they didnt, we can sue. and maul.

oh BURN.
aaronjer said:
You! just forgot? to punctuate; right!

buffy fuck yeah!
maybe it was cheese?
fuckin a i posted this like 3 years ago. and SOMEBODY ban that bot.
if you click the skeleton next to SUPERJER FORUM in the corner it goes to the main page.
is it touching anything? like a wall? it has to be floating.
the one about entities, its like halfway down.
there IS a step in the tutorial on how to add lights. DO IT.
whoever made find_the_hole is a genius.
and you are still getting "system cannot find the path...."
thats to tell the compiler to wait for steam to load up before it starts your map.

you did put it in, right?
ok, if this one doesnt work tripple check that this IS your steam account name and all that stuff...

@echo off
hlcsg wall_map
hlbsp wall_map
hlvis wall_map
hlrad wall_map
copy wall_map.bsp "C:\program files\Steam\SteamApps\kittycats\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
"C:\program files\steam\steam.exe" hl -dev -console -game cstrike +sv_cheats 1 +map Box wall_map
100 dicks!
meh, that was just the spark.
wait, the D word?
Damn? was it damn? DAMN!
why dont YOU look at maps with ct advantage?
i just remembered WHY you were banned.
brad, if you are going to make another account to fool someone into thinking its someone else, try using a different signature first.
brad1000 said:

you are one year old?

yeah but the second one is supposed to lead to a program to open up the map IN. that just leads to a folder.

unless it DOES work. then fuck me.
idk double check it, it really should be working.

omg! its brad1000! master of the 1 word posts! that used to by MY job ya know?
man that post is like 3 years old. its not funny.
are you sure you did that exact thing?
lol its fine

do THIS as a final:

@echo off
hlcsg wall_map
hlbsp wall_map
hlvis wall_map
hlrad wall_map
copy wall_map.bsp "C:\program files\Steam\SteamApps\kittycats\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
cd C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe
hl -dev -console -game cstrike +sv_cheats 1 +map Box wall_map

that should work.
dude dont say THAT

you forgot the steam\ part


@echo off
hlcsg wall_map
hlbsp wall_map
hlvis wall_map
hlrad wall_map
copy wall_map.bsp "C:\program files\Steam\SteamApps\kittycats\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
cd C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe
hl -dev -console -game cstrike +sv_cheats 1 +map Box wall_map
ok sorry about this mess.

tell me what is in your .bat NOW after all this.
the red part should be:

C:\program files\steam\steam.exe
Djuice27 said:
reece said:
like this:

@echo off
hlcsg wall_map
hlbsp wall_map
hlvis wall_map
hlrad wall_map
copy wall_map.bsp "C:\program files\Steam\SteamApps\kittycats\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
"C:\program file\steam.exe" hl -dev -console -game cstrike +sv_cheats 1 +map Box wall_map

Change the RED part to this:

C:\program files\Steam\SteamApps\kittycats\counter-strike

no dont do that
the steam part is right.
C:\program files\steam\steam.exe
reece said:

"C:\program file\steam.exe"


its supposed to be:
"C:\program files\steam\steam.exe"

ah! we said the same thing
what does your .bat look like now?
molkman said:
Not if you're used to Photoshop. Then it's a pain, because of the horrible interface.

i know what you mean.
yeah thats possible but hes not gonna get that error to go away till he adds that \program files stuff.
reece said:


see where it says that?
it should say
"C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe"
so what do you need help with again?

but i do.
we used to be convicts in Alcatraz together, but escaped through the power of love.
we already have a theme song.

irrational chiptune.
whatever. im not gonna argue in a firetruck thats like 3 years old brought back by a 6 year old.
u call that help? "he" just restated what was already there.
its amusing because i really really really think you and papa biggie or whatever are the same person.

call me crazy.
this amuses me.
and no i wouldnt ban you.
yeah i do to.

in a non sexual sort of way.

i liked the way he touched me.
MY official petition to make the Search button A LOT BIGGER so people dont post the same stuff. And MAYBE i should be a moderator, just because i know the admins actually have lives and havnt really been around here much. if not, thats cool, ill just keep telling people the things i WOULD do to them. also, jacksmoke left right after he became a moderator, so theres a gap there.

if not, at least point an arrow to the search button. please.
exactly why i want to ban people. or at least be a moderator.
im getting a havokk type vibe from you.
i really want to be able to ban people
and sdaw is COOL.
Havokk Edge said:
What was the point in the other post? sounds like you fucked up...Your needing a new computer...

I'm kidding! I don't know what the hell your saying so...

ok havokk im really sorry for bringing this up yet AGAIN, but when someone legitimately asks for help, PLEAASSSEEEEEE dont respond with a "i dunno ask someone else" type response.
havokk you dont even have CS so be quiet.
how about you delete it and make a new one?
brad1000 said:
RandomSHot said:
I need to make an object move from side to side.

wut the map name

thats exactly why I stopped after the third time.
brad1000 said:
melloyellow582 said:
brad1000 said:
Down Rodeo said:
brad1000 said:
melloyellow582 said:
brad1000 said:
i got an idea on making a map on mcdiddys.and y does my color have 2 b pink

real men wear pink

omg ur rite but i dont like pink

Too bad, you're stuck with it. (I know he's not, but we don't have to tell him tha- fuck.)

omg i am ahhhhhh!the worlds going 2 end


wow longest set of quotes i seen

yeah you missed a bigger one.
brad1000 said:
Down Rodeo said:
brad1000 said:
melloyellow582 said:
brad1000 said:
i got an idea on making a map on mcdiddys.and y does my color have 2 b pink

real men wear pink

omg ur rite but i dont like pink

Too bad, you're stuck with it. (I know he's not, but we don't have to tell him tha- fuck.)

omg i am ahhhhhh!the worlds going 2 end

brad1000 said:
ur a loser thats wut the fuck

brad1000 said:
i got an idea on making a map on mcdiddys.and y does my color have 2 b pink

real men wear pink
add a /program files/ right after both c:/'s.
just google counter-strike wads, and there will be a website with a .wad probably named water.wad. get that one.
there is also a subsection in the tutorial itself on this...

honestly, are these forums getting even MORE lazy?
i could care less what you do anywhere else. it just kinda ticks me off that eventually someone will get confused when you say something like "you get seeds". ive noticed that a lot of these new people obviously dont have english as their first language, so they might not get the joke. not to mention whoever started this firetruck. they must be really confused about this whole debate. so go ahead and post all the sheet you want but try to not post stuff like "idk ask someone else LOL".
havokk it just seems that you post things like this in order to get your post count up...
PLEASE do post if you legitimately have something to say.
this was in the tutorial section under "advanced stuff"

its the second item listed...

and god damnit im sick of being so nice around here all the time. now I know how aaronjer snapped.
because other people may find it important.
number one:

get the expert fgd from this site somewhere...
place a player_weapon_strip
then, place deagles everywhere! yay!

to get transparent textures, just select any old texture that would look good see-through and i think go into its properties and set the render mode to something. but im not exactly sure so wait a second for someone who does know to answer.
dude please stop talking about things you dont know.

a. YOU CAN CHOOSE GUN FROM A DROP DOWN MENU AND PLACE IT ON THE GROUND. its called armory_entity or something.

b. that code you listed is for compiling only. its actually really easy to do if you follow instructions.

why dont you friggin look stuff up before you talk again?
you make walls, but horizontally.
eye heart jazz
Havokk Edge said:
Go to hammer and Mapping....Also...get seeds....

Ask: begginer edan or rodeo...or mello...or another nerd...

shut up
EdAn said:
You made too many entities! Remove stuff you don't need.

BTW: It says all this in the error message itself.

i really want an admin_DUHHHHHHHHHHH command.
superjer said:
You're weird.

what does the gungame server use? pay or run-out-of-your-basement?
superjer said:
You're weird.

you win at everything.
Homeslice said:
So um yeah.

wtf is a pervi?
do you have lights/spawns?
hey i have an idea

why dont u just not post anything here?
whats wrong with the instructions that are already there?

i would love to help. just put me in a different section then mr. crazygonuts here...
um you can do it inside of it also....
you can press [ or ] to increase and decrease the size of the grid if that helps...
then shrink it...?
nah its not a problem if 2 walls are touching.

what do you mean "to big"?

go ahead and try that...
just checking:
T Spawn= info_player_deathmatch.
did you put T spawns?
if you hold down on the regular lasso tool, you get 3 other options methinks. then choose the magnetic lasso. just google to find a good tutorial.
Havokk Edge said:
you could change the properties of the icon to open up Cs

wtf does that even MEAN
heh that reminded me of that scene in The Office where they get into a 2 minute debate on the use of "who" and "whom"
yeah sometimes I turn it off, but whenever it switches map by default it turns back on, so its like a vicious cycle.
you mean "stating" the obvious. and why was obvious capitalized?
everyone should play more.
Havokk Edge said:
Take paint brush and make the bomb marker,and then get a bomb and lay it there.Call the cops and its a official Bombsite!

please stop posting here when you dont know the real answer. maybe get learned first and then come here... you are just going to confuse people.

and edan: yeah, once you place a bombsite c4 will automatically be given, unless maybe you have a weaponstrip somewhere?
You don't need to install anything, just save your map as a .map in the ZHLT directory and then do the compiling process
molky? molkman? what?
ok now try joining
ah damnit.

[Rocket.Man] is me, but that was my friend who banned you. I came in the room right when he did it, so I wasnt sure who he banned. one sec...i'll unban you... whats your steamid or ip address?
what the hell are you talking about

do you even know?
one of my ideas a while ago is that people could buy custom emoticons with their points
you make a ladder out of multiple brushes, right?
i dont think the waters anything to do with it. try looking at the properties of all your brushes in the ladder and make sure they all look ok?
haha yeah I had to do that a few months ago. fuckin orange box update messin with my stuff.
heres an idea:

its a fourum type thinggy where people POST things, and other people reply to their post.

yeah, that helps.

got any images you'd care to share?
If we do that we also need a "hide online status" checkbox. just cause.
whatever happened to teh banhammer?
if you click the brush a few times, the little dots on the outside change. mess with them.
or *****'n heartless admins
or banned IN gold.
i pots!
nope its all configured for u inside.
i was referring to aaronjer.
just make another brush like you made on the floor, but a little higher, so its on top.
make it smaller? get more ram?
how big is it, or how complex?
paw! ol timmy fell into the well!
or you dont do it at all.
about to ban you.
this isn't warcraft.
ah, my name does have
confusing syllables, so
do not fret, my friend

Alas, you forgot a word,
I've fixed your mistake for you.
ah, tis my mistake
dear sir, that made me forget
how haiku doth work

please do forgive my error
for if you do not: damnit
OMG you guys,
this thinking think is so hard!
I'm not smrat enough!
Do you not get it?
I was pointing out your lack
of syllables, tard.
OMG you guys,
this thinking think is so hard!
I'm not smrat enough!
what about the sims 2 pets?
although superjer
may be good at mapping stuff
his forums suck lots

when did you get back?
double whoa.

why not
speaking of which, it would be nice to have SUPERJER back...
where the hell has he been?
if you dont have the specs, you dont have the specs.
so... it looks like you don't have the requirements. go buy some ram or a video card.
and email notifications?
i would PM you but i dont think there is a feature to do that.
ill test it though.

delete that WHOLE first part.
thats only for not-steam CS, which i assume you dont have.
that reminds me of last year when some our school yearbook staff asked some kid what his favorite game was, and he said warcraft 3.
it ended up in the yearbook as world of warcraft 3.

he got pissed.
Down Rodeo said:
melloyellow582 said:
best thing = dragging the window around and watching it go wooble-wooble-wooble.

I like watching it go
melloyellow582 said:
best thing = dragging the window around and watching it go wooble-wooble-wooble.
yeah, id like a forty-three sky high, and an eight-seven; hold the triangles.
guy ate burger 3Xtr3m31y awesomely, although didnt taste it very well.
PLEASE stop posting pointless bulletins. also, this should go in the computer/video games section.
what if you had no taste buds
i really like the background music
how i would do it is ctrl- a and then just drag everything smaller.
EdAn said:
Hank said:

Dale said:

Bill said:

Boomhauer said:

5k33n5 FTW
bow chicka wow wowwwww
40 for aaronjer!
well i know you can set it so only one team can buy things. i just want to know if you can alternate that, like how spawn points alternate in 1337sk337. i have a feeling its just as complex...
dont just watch it there watch it in HD.
wholy fucking shit

10000 for you.
Havokk Edge said:
no one but you has been on to see it...

and also you CAN delete it.
is it possible to switch off which team can buy and which team cant? or is that like the same type of thing like the spawn paradox?
*raises hand*
im sad, i wont be here again this sunday. damnit.

is it possible to make an entity to do that? something like a game_spawn_switch?
i have no idea what it takes to make entities but its something valve should make easier.
like your MOM.
good enough for me.
5 for all!
was it seattle?

if you make a map in source, and the lighting for your character is all oily... is that a leak, or a problem with compiling it?
i wish mellopoints MEANT something, i could have stopped it a long time ago.

yeah i wish i was from somewhere other then the US.
ok that is way to many quizes at a time.
In a Past Life...

You Were: A Gentle Executor of Sacrifices.

Where You Lived: Ukraine.

How You Died: Natural causes.

-3♣ for not looking that hard.

+4♣ for contributing to the diversity here at
what is your native language?
did you even read the tutorial on this site? SEARCH
Down Rodeo said:
superjerk said:
Dizzown Rizzodeo said:
supersoup said:
Downed Rhino said:
superjam said:
Down Rodeon said:
Hmmm... how deep do you reckon the quoting recursion could go? :D

Before what? I think it'll go forever. But it will stretch the page layout.

Also: don't be afraid to change people's names in the quote=name dealy. Just don't change the number after the ; or it won't color correctly.

Will do ;)

We're making a bumble bee!!

I can see this name-trading going on too long ;)

More bee!

It has to stop sometime... not yet methinks ;) My flatmate suggested that one

Please don't ban me...

now its a sick bee!
yeah, well i got 3 of your points. i think i should win.

(that was a joke im entering.)
molkman said:
EdAn said:
Ugly Face153 said:
I like bananas.


Yay, I can change quote colours.

thats what she said?
and you missed all the Find The Hole parties.
those never work.
i remember that. I wish ubuntu would have worked out on this computer, but XP demanded attention. i had to go through lots of steps to get it to boot in ubuntu for some dumb reason. next time...
no Top Gun!
you can also get mellopoints (♣)from me. they mean absolutely nothing as of now, but maybe they boost moral or something.
superjer said:

Here's mine: "You're not a killer. That's why you're so good at it."

i just watched it like 2 days ago. good stuff...

"And if you screw up just this much, you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong! "
that is a xenomorphic face hugger, actually.
i think it actually may be my avatar. it used to be more of aaronjer's color...
this is off topic but superjer did you either change my avatar color or my post color so it was in balance?
Havokk Edge said:
or its a great place
Havokk Edge said:
im ganna jackoff
Havokk Edge said:
Im hungry
right, so if you have something running way higher then that, you might just be wasting computing powah.
yeah AVG is excellent.
do a mcdiddys 2 map.
you should change it back just for the purpose of having an intact forum.

just kidding you did.
love seats. thesa for love makin'.

ebullience or jubilance?
how about an apartment building? those are always good.
can you play a regular hl2 level.
yeah i get that to, and im even in the group.
next time play JK:2.
yeah. real men wear bras.

letters or numbers?
when you have a skybox, it gives of light from that. very useful for outdoor stuff.
yeah but i think if it was like an actual thing you could buy with points it would be better if it was on the list. that way other people could use it and such.
custom motocon!
that is a good idea.
did you ask on the steam forums?
yeah, the only upside is the auto-updates. but even those suck a lot.
superjer you might as well delete this.

or rather...more choices!

speakers or headphones?
no i mean, i was waiting for it, checking every night for it, until you added it.
i agree. id take a keyboard over a controller anyyyday.
i would give my middle nut to that cause.
well we cant see more then 60 frames a second, so it doesn't really matter.
i was looking around for that "stay logged in" feature...
yeah he posted this in a diff topic, i got him covered. (not physically, thats for homeslice.)
yeah it was crazy...
did you get it to work?
or a flaming switchblade.
of course, why not?
yay! fixed.

put in a catapult that catapults catapults.
ok its making a crazy thing. someone save this page forever.
holy shit! a mammogram!
whoa you broke the bottom of the page for me.
Havokk Edge said:
Id laught if i was Wity and Distinguished
Havokk Edge said:
melloyellow582 said:
melloyellow582 said:
melloyellow582 said:
eh its ok, im doing this all from memory so if i forgot something, my fault.

what you do is from the little entity list that looks like a lightblub, look for the game_player _equip.
PICK ONE. you can add a new set after.
its not something that you tie to a brush, look in the lightbulb list.
The ORLY owls, or Apes raping other Apes?
Click the Game Configurations tab
Now click the Add button on the big Configure window

theres more in depth stuff in the actual article on how to add another fgd.
how many chapters?
no problem
ah my bad i ment .FGD...
here it is.
that is a game_player_equip entity. if you have the expert.cfg you should be able to use it.
i think you cant do knives anyway, but idk about the pistols part.
thats what i was thinking

unless im missing something

so what did you do? is it like you took little bits from videos and re-combined them with a different audio track?
flaming switchblades? chainsaw-swords? a catapult that catapults catapults?
idk, im starting to like FTH.
yeah, mines from 99 and has 512. woot.
i see in the future... awful double posting.
im just saying its probably better to give updates as to the actual creation of the game as apposed to little tiny features.
double whaa?
also you can get them arbitrarily take away by aaronjer.

and what, i pray, is kag-online?
yeah, im gonna leave getting linux to when i get a new computer.
ok, maybe its a differnt one im thinking of that takes like 10 min to get through.
this is different, not a truck, like a little instant messenger thinggy.
hah really
its like 5:13 here.
i think it might be better to put that on the main homepage. just cause.
superjer are you still running ubuntu, or did you not figure out your 6 screen problem?
nothing has enough ram nowadays...
yeah, that was aaronjer cant really forget he banned someone. maybe THATS what happened to jacksmoke...
yeah, i really hope this new one is multiplayer at least.

but the single player looks amazing.
ah ive tried surf_ski... is that the really freaking long one?
dang. so am i.
how do you set up that refresh thing?
ah. this is the kind of stuff i do when i SHOULD be doing homework.
along with the rest of superjers busy life, he needs to add a little menu for point stuff.
i've had the same problem. so i just gave up, never bothered to ask here. also, i have a problem with pushes, as in whenever i place one, can see it when i try to play the map. that means i cant actually be pushed by it, because its a solid. ideas?
hmm sounds like something i could do with my wii.

but i wont. i'll just go online from it really quick.

im editing this from my wii. coolbeans.
i agree. i tried playing jedi outcast 3 or whatever it was but it didnt have the same feel as 2.
idk, not enough good surf maps nowdays.
is it just me or did your avatar get squashed/squished?
what the hell color is white but not that white?
on second thought, yes it was.
most likely.
does it refresh?
if not, just email the admin.
this looks like an interesting map. post it when you're done please!

hey should add a sharing section. maps, flash, anything. eh?
i know what you mean, i have JK:2 but that was the last game i got with star wars for a longgg time so this looks like a great upgrade.
maybe it was just your internet.
whoa! watch where you fling those spaces! you might get sued for copyright infringement.

also, i was asking superjer.
hmm...i wonder...iphone?
ok thats good to know, i always needed to make them into one, but i never want to have to go through and re-texture everything, so im glad i can do that now.
ok i've done that before...
ive seen some trailers like that
im pretty sure they make it for wii. yay!
as soon as you log in, you are wayyyy off...
how does hl coop work?
i've tried sven-coop but there are looots of bugs. how does this work?
i have a question about that.
if you have like 5 wads in your map and you use them all, and then combine all the wads and replace the 5 with the 1, will you have to re-texture everything in your map, or will hammer recognize the endings?
my anti-drug.
yeah, we all know that doesn't happen enough.

and way to take a stand telling aaronjer to take a stand, superjer!
there is an entity that you can place called something i dont can change that.

yeah if you have a website, just put it in a .zip file or something and tell them to download it.
not really.
make your map smaller.
thats cool. pretty much anyone not from the USA is cool.
no they are mods. download them very separately.
"beethoven" is 1 guy. not "them".
im liking them
what country are you from? just curious.
you forgot to calculate wind resistance.
if there is no problem, what are you asking?
i feel like an idiot now.
i thought the question was how to get rid of leaks, and you told him to make a big box around his map to solve it. neverrrmind.
actually fix the leaks. making a big box will take the error message away, not the actual error.
that is NEVER a good idea.
*demands spades*
ah i wish i was there.
whoa holy shit where have you been/did you come from
look for exploded brushes
im guessing from all that info you gave that you dont have the origin texture. get the zhlt.wad and load it up in hammer, and it will be in there.
i eel so sad to not go. i'll be snowboarding ntil 6ish.
oh well... its not THAT bad
when i first started out that was really confusing, how to flip a texture.
i think adobe should make hammer.
it could be called
it basically bans the next person who posts.
hah no you should save up for the wii..
and i thought you were an edge, not a court-clown.
i dont understand why they get that many points for doing something like THAT, but when people do something good, they get fewer.

unless its a whole good-admin/bad-admin situation with superjer.

who's the bad one?
#2 wins!
unless it involves what happened to JMD, Jacksmoke, and Ugg_man (hes a bannana!).

im going out on a limb here and saying it has something to do with render modes...
whats wrong with wanting to admin_llama a few people occasionally?
here at we have a dont ask/dont tell policy. dont call us. we'll call you.
problem solved, thanks alot

actually he or she doesn't need any help...
yeah i can tell.
is there a mute button for these forums?

admin_ban? no? admin_llama? no? not even admin_slap?

i think i already have it, unless you changed it.
ah...i cant be there.
do you want to have a non-official one tomorrow?
superjer you forgot to find the tangent squared. I think pi is the answer, only it is 4% of the answer. that sunday or saturday?
try game_player_equip.
haha he made the same mistake i did
instead of NO WAD TEXTURES
i thought it said NOW ADD WAD TEXTURES.
thats what i though to, unless there is a scale somewhere to see hight/damage.
In the actual map 35 hp all they did is have people spawn in the air and fall to the ground, taking away that much health.
ha just take out that little line in your .bat file
thats for if you want to actually add the .wads into the .bsp so players dont have to download them separately. you dont need that right now.
its like 70 percent or something.
heres a page i havnt read.
i agree with the molk
ok, its something that takes everyones guns away.
hmm. i dont know why guns arnt already there, but if you just put the guns above a players head at spawn, it will fix it.
yes, but what about MINE.
usually you dont have to do it, its default. do you have a game_player_strip anywhere in the map?
it seems that your "player" doest "start" with a "gun". To "fix" "your" problem, put "your" armory "entity" directly "above" your "player" to make "it" fall on the "player" when the "round" "starts".
ok good. for a second, i thought it used fire-launcher rapid-beams and duct-beam lasers...
ha good. now i can delete my monstrosity of a "double" post.
ah my bad.

fortress forever, asshat.
ah...well actually, it was colored BLACK. really.

fine, no black? okay.

next word for me is..."open"

how about he opens his FUCKING eyes? and reads down the page a bit out of his comfort zone

did i break the intahweb?
fortress forever asshat.
ok superjer. i will click POST as much as I can before it posts. if it does to many...i'll change them.

i didnt understand the full power of double posting. DELETE THEM ALL NOW PLEASE. PLEASEE
heh so did I.
god damnit i had to save so much.
i remember that tapeworm from somewhere.
for the next few rounds, I will search a random word in this forum.
this "egg"

"'im thinking that banana should do his research.

as mr jacksmoke said, why the fuck would hp sell compaqs products, if it wasn't generating some sort of return or advertising for them"
THAT one spilled some emotion.
Some of the salty lakes were formed in ancient times when they were connected to seas and when rainfall may have been heavier. These lakes have been shrinking since the last ice age. The ancient Lake Bonneville in the United States was once as big as Lake Michigan, and the Great Salt Lake was once about 14 times as large as it is now.

watch where you fling those caps locks.
i do like it.
superjer, was that "New Thoughts?"
dont ask me how i know.

"Taking third was Will Rakowitz and Frank Morrin. They also had a 5 fish limit and weighed 22.33 lbs. The pair won $650 and said that they caught their fish C-rigging and also on swimbaits. Frank also caught a beautiful 8.23 lb. Rainbow Trout on a swimbait during the event. They also wanted to thank their sponsor, Angler
whoa. thats deep.
and thats what she said.

try making a beat and dancing to this.
I think so, the reunion show is on the 29th! I personally cant wait. I would like to know who her daughters father is who is suppose to have money oevr money like she said!

Ah, no koreans eh? kinda like how sex is an urban legend and phones are myths.
im bringing in the big guns here.

"i like grapes. and arronjer is just probly drunk. we should just give him some time to sober up. if he is not drunk, then he is just ans asshole, but we have already coverd that."


ok. here is what im sensing.
if your birthday has some numbers in it, you are probably a human...
now. take your phone number and divide by 56. if it has the number 9 in it, you are either a male or female. if no 9, you are male or female AND most likely have hands.
your personality, if you see in color, is probably emotional in some way. emotional, meaning you feel emotions. remember kids, black and white ARE colors.
if you dont see anything, your birthday falls on a day ending in Y.

this concludes my foresight. how accurate was I?
뒤죽박죽 퍼즐 4 - 기지에서 발견 신문에 jumbles 경우가 종종있다. 일단
이러한 기지 jumbles가 해결 동그라미 문자를 사용하여 각각의 선수
단어를 뒤죽박죽 새 세트를 구하는 기지의 문자. 이 세트의 문자는
그런 다음 구문이나 문장을 완성합니다. 일반적으로 연관된 정답
어떤 종류의 시각적 또는 구두 익살, 그림과 관련하여
캡션 출판과 퍼즐합니다

have fun with that in google translator.
unless you speak korean.
ah. well i live near seattle to so i think I CAN DECIDE weather any body else lives near seattle or not. cornjer, you're in. supreme havokkkkxk edge, you are in ohio.
nope. whizzed by and took out my medulla oblongata.

hugely obese, and likely to completely flatten anything in it's path

Person: Whoa! that Preece is coming towards us - RUN!!!!!

that was pretty hardXcore, whatever that means.

"February brings Leopold to the harvesting of wood for a fire and acquaints it to understanding what separates a man of nature from a man of civilization. He sse how one who deos not cut his wood does not truly know what it is to be warm, and he describes fire as the realease of sunlight wehich has been absorbed by the oak during its lifetime.
As he cuts into the oak with his saw he correlates each layer penetrated to a period in man's history and then recalls each historical moment with passion and remorse. He uses the oak metaphorically as a recordkeeper of both natural history and anthropologic history with the growth rings as place marks."

put that in your couch cushions and smoke something besides your couch cushions because they can be hard to replace.

im waiting for someone else to join in this full scale assault on democracy. superjerb?
Weird as in hardly anyone does it, yes, but not weird in a bad way. You do have to be careful, keep the rest of your body warm and make sure you don't get frostbite, and of course it depends on how cold it is apart from the snow... but I've gone barefoot for several winters without needing to resort to footwear at all, and with *less* cold and numb toes than I used to have when I still wore shoes!

You beefcupcarrotcake. not in the good way.
i support the motion.

or hows ah-bout

"For example cutting a range of cells in a spreadsheet and then pasting them into another sheet may preserve the underlying formulae and data, and may even translate intra-cell references, so that a "SUM(...)" calculation on a sub-range of the cells is converted to refer to the newly pasted copies of those cells."

That was in my clipboard.
yeah! and that black stuff over there could be legitimate tar! now you want me to waste good food?
just try to play it like normal now.
that looks good. thats all that was wrong in the error you gave us, so as long as you added the right path and it all LOOKS good, it should be good.

now just double click.
well for ME, there is a "program files" right after c:/
navigate your way though the path by yourself and see if all the folders are there.

in the .bat file, DOUBLE CHECK where you are telling zhlt to copy your map.
if i could demand spades i would.
good god save us all.
please dont.
thats where your location is.

other then that, i really dont know what anything has to do with that.
oh, that doesnt look like a leak problem, you just put the wrong path to your maps folder in. double check that, or even just lead it to your desktop and manually copy it in.
heh dog

that is SO seattle.
what 12?
not good at all.
im busy until 1.
but if everyone else is ok with it, whatever, ill just be sad.
im sorry i ever said anything.
on the other hand, i did get an experiment almost named after me.
i wonder if they fixed that in new source hammer...
i doubt it.
Fail Snail disapproves.

as does disappointment elephant.
i thought this one was pretty funny when I saw it...

idk sounds like a computer problem more to me than a map problem.