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No , i doesnt work, i have done all the job again, and nothing! :((
Idont know!!! but i thing YES...
I dont make such mistakes!cstrike.wad is in the right place... and i have done all job for 5-6 times and its the same problem!!!
I tried 5 times and im sure that all files are in the correct folders!

What do to???
Who have the same problem?
Pliz help, i have done all correctly in creating pam for CS and when i do the final step...its error! Look what is the problem!

lcsg: Error: Could not open wad file \Counter-strike\cstrike\cstrike.wad

hlcsg: Error: Could not find WAD file
Description: The compile tools could not locate a wad file that the map was referencing.
Howto Fix: Make sure the wad's listed in the level editor actually all exist

hlcsg: Error: Could not open wad file \games\Counter-strike\cstrike\cstrike.wad

Help me PLIZZZZ!!!